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Made a simple Bluetooth speakers (5)

Monday on April 13th, 2020Life

Recently viewed Taobao, found a shop can be customized acrylic amplifier enclosure think that out of their shell DIY particularly ugly before (For details, refer "made a simple Bluetooth speakers (four)" article), so I decided to change it. Nothing in this article, a main means I changed the box, ha ha ~ ~

First, the demolition of the old box, the installation of their own fans, switches, wiring and copper posts these are not necessary.


Installation is simple, the first mask tear acrylic, loaded up from the bottom up, the connection to the welding power supply interface fan, and finally screwed on the upper lid on the completion.


This hole is really suitable housing, the fan is silent, wind speed may also be adjusted by twisting the screw above the circuit board, feel and beautiful than before the box up.

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