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National culture and landscapes integration of Huaxi

Sunday on March 22nd, 2020Life

Huaxi said here, not only refers to the piece of Huaxi River, but that piece belongs to the mountains and rivers of Huaxi District of Guiyang City, as well as hard-working multi-arts colorful people. It should be said, is one of Guiyang Huaxi surrounding the most famous scenic spots, the city is tired of people working more than longing for a place of leisure. Huaxi Huaxi River in addition to that clear and beautiful, as well as the ancient town of Qingyan, high slope ethnic customs, architectural beauty of the mountain town.

Huaxi is located in the southern suburbs of Guiyang City, John 17 kilometers upstream along the Nanming River. Huaxi River, formerly known as flower Gelo four hundred 80 years ago written records: Ji Fan River ...... flower Common name Gelo river. This view from the front Fan Ji river, the river is spend spend Gelo River said. River got its name because of the river because of the person named, are home to ancient indigenous peoples Gelao Guizhou. Gelao women with non-pleated skirt barrel, or red, or with colored, to be called the flower Gelo. Because the river is a fan of the approach was, it was changed to Ji Fan River. The bridge was built on the river, before the term of the present Huaxi Bridge, he said he called Ji Fan Bridge. In twenty-six years (1937), Ping Yue (now Fuquan) Liu Jian Ren Guiyang County soul to Huaxi beautiful scenery, opened for the scenic spot. Gelo will spend renamed Huaxi and the Huaxi personally written word, Fan Li a stone bridge in the economic side.

The road is still very spacious feel from Guiyang to Huaxi, if traveling by car, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery roadside. In addition to beautiful scenery, but also a place Huaxi old times, the main campus of the University of Guizhou Institute for Nationalities and Guizhou Guiyang Huaxi is also located in the side of the road. Look Guizhou, Guiyang urban use google earth is a blur, but Huaxi and the surrounding is very clear, and even can see the Mercedes-Benz car Huaxi Avenue, which is sufficient to prove the status of foreign Huaxi people's minds.

Huaxi would have to teach about Huaxi Park, because basically concentrated Huaxi Park Huaxi landscapes. Huaxi first name because of the river, then that should be the name of Huaxi Huaxi park.

Huaxi Park, formerly known as Chiang Kai-shek Park. In twenty-seven years (1938) county magistrate Li Daguang successor Guiyang, the provincial government established the Preparatory Committee for the park, funding of $ 200 million to repair and transform the park. Lin Shan Hill Park is the main area, the mountains, lush trees, Mid there is a small hole, fly Yunxiu name, the hill Flying Club, Metin pavilion for a cosmetic repair mountaineering song Ishidan. He looked mountaineering, clean away the disguise, near the pavilion varies, towns and villages, bridges, waterfalls, shallow Nagisa, deep dock, the region's scenery, panoramic view. For the past Kameyama, trimming climbing stone stile, Ching Fai House, the center will organize whitewash, and hanging a joint: mountains to the west, one hundred Guangdong Sunshine strict barriers; River in the east, Kyushu shake the whole world situation. In the first Kameyama by a shiting air defense school was built, the mountain has boats 2935 for visitors to boating swimming, dam off the shelf a stone bridge to the east and west coasts of communication Creek, named for the dam bridge. Dabi Yunwo to be as huaxi upstream water from the rock between the two right in sprayed out from Kameyama, Ben injection in the river. Snake Hill in the south bank of the dam bridge, there is a fan-shaped pavilion, taken from Chinese chess pavilion painted blue and Song chess pavilion liquor story named. Chess pavilion not far from Huaxi rest, relax and unwind. Snake Mountain West, Lin Mountain Front to put Crane Island, reedy, planting flowers, winding roads between continents, the stream planting peach, forming a Taoyuan, and An Liu matched with. Down, Ji Fan is the bridge, the bridge built waterside three for tea kiosk for visitors pastime. In twenty-nine years (1940) March 12 completion and opening.

After the liberation of Guiyang, Huaxi Park Chung Cheng Park instead, will put Crane Island Pigeon Island was renamed the place, built a circle twists and turns of the bridge, replacing the original jump Ishidan, 1956, the original Ji Fan bridge, alterations to reinforced concrete arch bridge, the bridge was renamed Huaxi. In 1972 a new pavilion rebuilt on the site of the former chess pavilion, famous chess pavilion. Huaxi Park is now in the shade shine, Huayu flowers, gurgling water, boat waves, beautiful scenery makes visitors feel good. Marshal Chen Yi tour Huaxi Park in 1959, leaving Huaxi praise the beauty of the famous real san water everywhere, Huaxi layout more natural, Shili beach bright as a mirror, a few steps flowerbeds farmland.

Huaxi Park after a change of these social history, scenery remains the same, and more beautiful than the original. Now outside the province of the tour, from the tour who have come to Guizhou Huaxi and the Huaxi Park. Its parks and countryside, hills, trees Lin Liancheng together, pretty makeup, Dan Ma elegant. Its greatest charm, between care Yun mountain water fun.

Around the big door from the right Huaxi Park opposite direction, soon will come to see both sides of a bridge, the bridge is the shade of clear water, here is a Pingqiao. Today, both sides of the river has developed into a leisure play area, every hot day, people like to enjoy the cool river, or swimming, boating. Tired, there are a variety of snacks, Qingyan tofu snacks and jelly is one of the most popular. And then continue to the right on the river, a few minutes will be renowned for the Huaxi Reservoir. Barbecue under the reservoir is very good, people like to bring their own beef, chicken, potato and other go there to rent a brazier own grilled food. Looked at his black smoke smoked roasted food, taste is also in the cool breeze is fun.

And from Huaxi dozen kilometers to the southeast direction, you can come to the Qingyan Town, Huaxi District. Qingyanguzhen a long history of more, and currently retains more cultural monuments, so Qingyan in Huaxi District in Guiyang in Guizhou, it is more famous. Through a variety of tourist, cultural magazines and many books ALICE publicity, Qingyan gradually gained world renown. Jiang starring "Missing Gun" framing, "long way" of the framing section, are derived from

Qingyan, which made Qingyan before the lens a lot of free publicity.

In the eleven years Hongwu (1378) began to set up Fort Qingyan, which shows that Qingyan town so far been 600 years. Qingyan Town layout followed the Ming and Qing pattern, the town is surrounded by walls, there is east, west, south, north four gates, four of the original eight stone arch door, the existing three, are all white cotton stone arches built three-room four-poster, on couplets, relief, exquisite, lifelike. South corner of Zhao Li Lun 100 Square, majestic, unique style, unique Shihfang face south back north, north-south lions guard pillar shape, front paws grip treasure, hind paw wall above the stone pillars, commonly known as mountain lions, rare is the central Guizhou lions carving boutique.

Qingyanguzhen can play on places to visit are: Dingguang gate tower, the ancient city walls, the ancient church, temple, Auspicious Temple, the mother of Deng Yingchao, Li Kenong other revolutionary family had residence, champion Zhao Jiong House House. Town streets, many more local products, arts and crafts available for purchase, more famous as a specialty Qingyan tofu Qingyan, rose sugar, there are over a hundred years ago, our ancestors Buyi created a unique way of prickly pear rice wine, there are production process elegant, food law and diverse, nutritious bean curd skin, Qingyan tofu and other soy products, fruit, vegetables and water and salt, Kudingcha.

Continue to move forward from Qingyan, can come to Tong Shu Random House, Random House as a juvenile - Tong Shu reading of the famous Qing Dynasty scholar Zhou Yu Juan, located in Tao Qian riding a dragon village (built in the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi, 1993 afternoon in reconstruction), the whole building antique, elegant taste, where you can feel the rural nature of the local flavor, pastoral fun.

By Huaxi, Qingyan, Guizhou pottery to high slope, 1000 meters above sea level has since climbed to 1,500 meters. Gaopo an alpine mountain, the highest elevation reached 1712.1 meters, north to south. Northern mountain plateau, high slope is so named, probably a result. The territory is a typical karst topography, the size of the cave can be seen everywhere. The township area of ??107.4 square kilometers, is a rich ethnic customs, unique historical sites, rural and natural beautiful tourist town.

Gaopo inhabited by the Han, Miao, Buyi and other ethnic groups. Every month jump field, jump cave, April eight, bullfighting festivals and eating festival and other ethnic festival, to be held here horse racing, bullfighting, antiphonal singing and Hmong, most especially the Hmong April eight grand. One shot back is April eight activities monument, the woman will elaborate embroidery on the back hangs cards do target young men to let the phase of crossbow shooting, such as the target, that symbolizes happy marriage.

Plateau Quest is the most amazing cave buried. According to legend, the high slope Miao burial cave from the beginning of the implementation date, more than 600 years of history. The high slope Miao burial cave called to a Du words, it is said, meaning the number of holes, Du is the Hmong ghost, combine to mean the ghost is inside the cave. A set of high slope rock dragon fight, Dahong and pond at the junction of Hmong ancient burial cave site a coffin. A given village located halfway up the mountain chestnut, this hole is U-shaped, with two up and down the hole, the coffin was placed in the shade Shigeki cover on the hole, the hole open excluded, more than ten meters high, is also wide there are more than ten meters, about thirty or forty meters in depth, can be seen visually with hundreds wooden coffin placed on the well-shaped, fitted to five rows, coffin or outwardly head, or head first, which appears to have its rule. Gaopo has preserved burial cave there are two, one is described above A fixed hole buried. Ping Shan is a burial cave, however, the hole could not try to enter. Hole filled with broken rotten coffin, to go in, have no way to find a.

Gaopo beautiful natural scenery, there are canyons, Stone Forest, multi-level waterfalls and acres of idyllic landscape, Genting and so many beautiful grassland scenery. High slope to travel, can be divided into four 17 dot lines. Swim Miao village, simple folk, folk preserved: intense shuttle guests ceremony, cheerful tragic jump field jump hole, Qinggemanwu April eight, mysterious underground cave fort, ancient burial cave Cliff, dense bamboo Ex Miao cottage, unique Miao costumes, Sheng noisy drum bullfighting festival in July, the flow of the drum, Lusheng passionate and watch the waterfall, look Shuinian, view canyon, Buyi people to drink rice wine, hiking adventure, alpine Rover, Buyi style and broadcast Miao (cave wonders) and other people feel that way to play their music taste infinity.

Huaxi boat against the current along the reservoir, through the canyon will enter a broad lake, then green, broad and deep lake, reflecting the Buyi people with tree-shaded stone and assembled them in the village. The village is surrounded by water, backed by mountains, tranquil lakes and mountains, attractive stone building, so that visitors feel like being in paradise. This is to protect towns and villages in Guizhou National Culture Village.

Town village northeast corner seat strange spectacular half of the mountain, cliff as knifed Fu Xiao, ranked zhaiqian, like the patron saint of the cottage. A major feature of residential buildings mountain town is built on mountains, because of the ground on the potential use of local materials, alexandrite to treasure. People set foot on this Stone City, seems like entering a medieval stone fortress. Tunpu stone walls constructed by the regular stone stone block from the gates are massive stone arch molding article, substituted slate roofing tiles malformation, walls of houses are inlaid with a square stone, stone and wood. Yuanba and stone alleys are paved, the villagers tank filled with water, dry cylinder mounted Valley, manger, pig trough full of stones hewn and other appliances, even the door Walled mountain temple, the temple land Ye are carved in stone. Like a stone into the big hall of.

In short, the Huaxi better than twelve twelve will be able to finish, the more need to feel for themselves personally.

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