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Toss a bit small,

Thursday on May 7th, 2020Life

html5media is a small player html5 using it does not need to install any plug-ins, just call it js can be compatible with most browsers and mobile phones, this thing fully meet my needs, but sometimes still a little worried about it speed, JW player previously used for some time, but speed is not very good!


1. head or bottom of the page insert the following code:

script src=http: //

2. Insert video simple method:

video src=video.mp4 width = 320 height = 200 controls preload/video

3. Insert audio simple method:

audio src=audio.mp3 controls preload/audio

More use, see this document now!

PS: seven cattle cloud storage feel pretty good, put some static files up, you can accelerate the speed of opening the site, but I have put a lot of static files before on a little bit, JQ has been used Baidu cloud cdn, articles images are also foreign chain to poco, in fact, the true reading is css, css temporary or do not want to put up, because often change.

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