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Small luxury car is great? Angry!

Friday on July 2nd, 2021Life

from the urine logic of the owners of the Big Ben, you can do whatever you want with millions of luxury cars? Just after the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, we must not encourage this unhealthy trend. If you really want to make trouble, I will accompany you to the end!

provocation from Mercedes-Benz Maybach owners

on July 2, 2021, around 05:30 in the afternoon, I was having dinner with my family when there was a bang outside. I said maybe someone was taking out the trash with an iron bucket. My mother went to have a look, and then my mother hurriedly said she was going to get out and move the car. at that time, the knock was loud, about as loud as it could be heard on the sixth floor.

then I went to the window and saw my mother arguing with the owner of the car. I immediately got angry. At that time, I still had reason to know not to swear, otherwise I would have lost, and the society ruled by law could not break it first. So I shouted at him at the window and quarreled with it.

The reasons for

it are as follows:
1. Why park it in front of the car when you have time elsewhere? this is not your parking space. Why should you park blindly?
2. I didn't see that I left my cell phone number in my car
3. Ask the security guard that I don't have a cell phone number in this car
4. Knock (clap) hit my car to trigger the alarm system

here are my reasons:
1. District did not buy parking spaces, first-come-first-served parking system, also did not write parking detailed guidelines, I parked in front of my own house nearby, also pay property fees, where blind parking spaces
2. Parking spaces are tight, parking in other places is also in front of other people's cars, so it is not the same to move cars wherever they are parked
3. Both the front windshield and the security department have their mobile phone numbers, but they did not take the initiative to contact
4. Can you knock (clap) and spoil other people's cars if you own a million-class car?

whether it is the driver or the boss, the most basic knowledge of moving a car as a driver will not know, and a normal person will not go crazy to pat other people's cars. He absolutely wants to find fault, and uses the absurd theory that the dog barks, "Why don't you stop when you are free?" and uttered wild words, "I just want to film your car." after listening to these two sentences, I just want to find fault with it. For such a low-quality person, I must not give it a good face.

it will take a long time to come, and you have to be careful about this kind of dog that has no lower limit. It is really necessary to report to the police at any time. This kind of behavior is to stir up trouble and deliberately destroy other people's property. In a society ruled by law, we should remember to protect ourselves, not to hurt others, but not to be hurt by others at the same time.

Uncle Chen, the keyboard knight-errant, has been online: I have met this kind of person for the first time in my 27 years. Since I don't know how to respect others, I won't like it. This kind of dregs thinks that the car thinks he is awesome and treats his car like a Rolls-Royce. Since he is so crazy, why not go to live in Tomson Yipin and come to our ordinary community to experience life!? When the weather is hot, all the demons and ghosts come out. Alas, meeting this kind of person affects the mood. It's really pissed off.

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