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Character test: guardians

Tuesday on July 6th, 2021Life

I saw the personality tests of several bloggers a long time ago. At that time, I was curious and did not take notes. This time I just made up the test, which is also a supplement to the character of the previous article, so that everyone can understand me.


Test address:

because of the previous article, "small luxury cars are amazing?" Angry! It really makes me angry. In the words of my wife, learning to be patient is really a sign of maturity, and children are impulsive and reckless.

after writing the article, I read it several times, and every time I read it, I felt like a fuzz. For fear of misunderstanding by those who don't know me, I intend to show my personality test (in fact, I have a good temper and a reasonable person).

Uncle Chen's character

I don't think of myself as a kind person, but I have no ill intentions, but I am impulsive to things I don't like, which is also my biggest shortcoming. In recent years, I have also been learning how to improve my endurance, such as doing some self-cultivation things such as calligraphy practice, tea drinking, fishing and so on.

I envy some people around me. They are unhurried and unimpetuous when things happen. They like their state very much. The most intuitive feeling to me is that they are sophisticated, calm and otherworldly.

after postnatal exercise, I think it has some effect, but the ancients also said that "rivers and mountains are easy to change and nature is hard to change", and sometimes they will lose their temper impulsively. Maybe they really need to get old before they get better.

Guardian personality

Love can only be increased by sharing. Only by giving more can you get more.

Guardian personality type is a very unique type, and many of their qualities are not consistent with their own characteristics. Although they are very considerate of other people's feelings, they will become very strong when it comes to the need to protect their family or friends; quiet and introverted, they have good social skills and strong social relationships; although they pursue security and stability, but as long as they are understood and respected, they are willing to accept change. Like many things, people with guardian personality types should not be underestimated as a whole, and their identity is defined by how they use these strengths.

the Guardian is a true altruist, very kind, generous and passionate about people and things he believes in.

they account for the largest proportion of all personality types in the total population, close to 13%. They are both committed to the best traditions and philanthropic, so they engage in industries with a sense of history, such as medicine, academia, and social charity work. People of this personality type (especially those with unstable personalities) are often meticulous to the point of perfectionism, and although they have the habit of procrastination, they can always get their work done on time and reliably. Guardians of the personality type value their responsibilities and always try their best to satisfy others more than expected, both at home and at work.

seeing is believing

the challenge for guardians of the personality type is to ensure that others are aware of what they are doing. They always downplay their achievements, although such kindness is often respected, selfish people may take advantage of their dedication and modesty, push the work to them and keep the honor to themselves. If you want to stay confident and enthusiastic, the guardians need to know when to say no and to fight for themselves.

naturally gregarious is a rare feature of introverts. "guardians" don't use their good memory for data and trifles, but remember people and the details of their lives. They are best at giving gifts, they are naturally imaginative and emotional, and their gifts can be given to the recipient's heart. This is true for colleagues who are regarded as friends by the guardians, while the guardians express their love in the family.

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