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XJ also like you oh

Friday on April 24th, 2020Life

After dinner, XJ vending machine prior to playing mobile phone,

This Youbao vending machines have recently been engaged in activities to buy a point,

CMB/Long payment/Alipay/micro-channel/QQ payment,

Seemingly has been engaged, and above all I have to pay a few months, after another tried.

Today, August 8 Tencent out cashless Day Oh.

I appreciate the experience is pure,

In addition Alipay is in the phone app to come up with what bullion pumping activities,

This thing should not hit my head up.

It is pure fun, Cougerenao.

Today's headline: XJ like you Oh yeah CM of the students told me,

I had a go, who else likes me,

My wife haha.

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