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About Chinese and Western medicine and mentality

Friday on March 27th, 2020Life

Chinese medicine and Western medicine

Childhood memories: life three times to cough sleep experience (since childhood memories of a doctor experienced) I meow recently and he has to cough up a very tough battle. This year, although looked traditional Chinese medicine, but I do not know why not a second time so useful? No option but to turn to hang Western medicine bottle only better!

Said earlier memoir, my family from my grandmother's generation is very believed Chinese medicine, Western medicine does not believe! Western feel hurt too fast! I get to hang bottle of 28-year memory seems to be 2-3 times, right? Encounter any other disease 100?at traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine large jar suffering, get the whole family grew up as a son of Smell, trained herself not afraid to drink the medicine skills! (Smile face) on the front memoirs also said that Chinese medicine is also looking to find some quack seen, the tow serious illness! So from my mother on the respiratory tract problems, mop drag to have occult blood kidney (3 + count serious level!), It is slowly conditioning gradually improved recently. So this time I have a cough that would not go my mother was scared, dragged me to the hospital quickly urine tests, blood test to confirm no problem doing it at ease.

Chinese medicine is the phenomenon of black When did you start it?

Is probably the new cultural movement, Guo, Lu Xun, Hu Shih these gentlemen start from Mr. Hu's "scientific Chinese medicine", to Lu Xun's "Chinese medicine is a liar," Mr. Guo to "rather die than ask TCM "they can be said to be the originator of the black traditional Chinese medicine, they oppose some of the points of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine black, views also become wisdom now more and more black traditional Chinese medicine. You see, Guo, Mr. Lu Xun, Hu Shi are black traditional Chinese medicine, which a few are university who they say is right, so the Chinese medicine certainly is a liar, certainly unscientific ...... and so on. Original: https: //

After reading this article, I found a phenomenon is this: Do not over no brain letter TCM or Western medicine. The reason why the black gentlemen Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, black scum liar! Nor is it completely deny!

My first 28 years on the over-100?o brain trust Chinese medicine, coupled with the experience quack liar! I mentioned earlier memoirs illness dragged heavy several times, because they did not meet quack ability optimistic, non-stop drinking cauldron cauldron useless bitter death of Chinese soup. Money is spent not cure disease but also dragged heavy! To note: the abnormal state of the disease have shown almost see the doctor again, not only was finished prescription drugs have not eaten a few times and then, the disease has changed again this is not a waste of money? This is a strange physician incompetence it? Or blame yourself?

I am a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, technical education, the top three hospitals, for eight years. When I was five years this scientific Chinese medicine, every year my scholarship, but I do not believe in traditional Chinese medicine, I was sick never eat traditional Chinese medicine. Later, I read a graduate student, met my mentor, a traditional Chinese medicine everyone, I followed him out of the clinic and saw me staggering around countless cases, purely Chinese medicine to cure cases. An example, I was in charge of a child less than one year old at the time of the ward, he complained: fever more than a month, that is, low heat, high child blood leukocytes, what else there is no positive signs, routine laboratory tests have nothing positive performance . Fever a long time family members anxious, ct what imaging are also checked, lose antibiotics still not mend. After taking account of Western medicine, director of rounds blood culture, use of hormones, if necessary, gamma globulin and the like, after the account of the condition with their families, the families of distressed children have to take blood, blood has previously been very difficult, and the family is not willing. I hear there are risks of blood products may not agree more. Light conversation with the families of this book to sign up several pages. The next day I went to a temporary ward mentor, know this child, so that the infusion has stopped, opened the two Qingyingtang, next day the body temperature returned to normal. So, to sum up, the main problem is not encountered a good teacher.

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Know almost looked under discussion famous thing about Chinese medicine. No brain black traditional Chinese medicine is very much, very pertinent see the answer above. There is also a summary of my brother very beautiful, "Chinese medicine is not a science but a learning experience." This is my brother wrote the original too long and complex basically 99?f the content can not read, but still understand summary says of what it means. Write felt very very good, people do not mind other people have to say anything immediately believe that they have a survey to determine the decision.

Summary: Chinese medicine is a semi-empirical study philosophy and a half. Mechanism established in the illusion theory can not be proven. Western medicine is a semi-empirical scientific study and a half, from experience deep into the mechanism, the mechanism and then in turn assist confirms experience. From this perspective, it is clear Western medicine have greater prospects for development. But that does not mean you should abandon traditional Chinese medicine. While not superstitious remedies is not no black brain, I think this is a knowledgeable literate person should hold the attitude.

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Source: know almost

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A few years ago traditional Chinese medicine to treat colds cough, two pairs of Chinese medicine will probably 50-80 per bar! A few days ago to see two pairs of cough medicine price of 110 yuan. Western medicine do? More expensive, a bottle of medicine you need 260 yuan and then to hang five days is 1300 yuan. Wow terrible way.

0.9?odium chloride injection 2.875 yuan?? Number 1? Rounding 2.88

Amoxicillin clavulanate potassium injection with sodium ?? 35.167 yuan? Number 5? Rounding 175.84

5?lucose injection?? 2.3 yuan?? Number 1?? Rounding 2.3

Injection Yanhuning 12.19 yuan? Number 5?? Rounded? 60.95

After the second bottle hanging up today, listen to me, the doctor still itching throat, cough will itch, I intend to open another spray of medicine. I did not expect to be as high as 170 yuan but said there was no pharmacy this drug! Only by doing atomization of the same paragraph agents, no self-spray version! The other two I have to ask the doctor spray okay? The doctor saw that not what you try to see aerosol therapy, try to open a counter effect, which also Tucao how expensive the price will be 170 yuan so outrageous? Then it can be said that in dispensing bottle above all on the high side? The doctor gave me the meaning of this drug, she did not grasp there is not much helpful? He turned down a final decision not to this medicine! Then my mother and the doctor talked for a long long long time.

And doctors from talking to my condition, I was ready to buy endowment insurance, chatted to cook at home and take-away point of the harm, and from cooking to talk to buy or buy live chickens slaughtered chicken? Chatted for a buy recommendation to buy chicken, chicken feet long fast six chicken fingers, chicken kind of 80 yuan a little expensive but boiled chicken soup fragrant ah! Wow suddenly brought back memories of chicken soup, (o) ... last drink their own home stewed chicken soup is what time? Etc. The disease must buy only good old chicken soup to drink! I especially like to drink that delicious chicken soup ah! And I would like to soak tub with the same love.

Mentality and life

My grandmother is gone. It is about 90 years old my grandfather is 89 years old walk.

My character is very eccentric grandfather, anyway, I can remember my grandfather spoke rarely see a friend who came to play. (Then listen to my mom, my grandfather when young friend seems to be pit off, take the money to do farm lost, the situation did not elaborate on what specific, we do not dare to ask!) Anyway, I was basically nothing outside the public impression, instead, almost all left a bad impression. I was a child particularly like to eat potato silk. There are times to eat my bowl, stir over like chopsticks? Or because too many clips? Not remember, my grandfather would rebuke: undress jump into ah! I was scared and angry and later .... Early Alzheimer's, my parents all the time to take care of grandparents, grandmother, a person to sleep downstairs, my parents slept upstairs, and my grandfather slept one! At 34 o'clock my grandfather could not sleep then get up and open the dim lamp finishing stamps at your desk! I was then in a fit of anger ...

My grandmother cheerful and lively personality should be considered a kind of attitude take to heart the count! Can move when you play every day, tai chi, hand-wringing rub the face, a variety of sport and health. I think Grandma would cry ~~ = ( ' `*))) Oh!

My mother, who had on their units, are now open luxury cars, live in big houses, retirement pay to get XXXXX! My grandmother said that students do not die, do not care! Anyway, it is particularly good state of mind, living only ninety years old, if not satisfied with the old, own pestle crutches with his foot still bugs throws, then bedridden, fear is also trying to be 100 years old, right?

Good attitude adjustment is very important!

to sum up:

After reading this disease, the doctor also going to give me a "thymopentin" improve immunity. I checked this drug is doing it? See me laugh and cry, that drug use is low immunity after chemotherapy. I think I was 28 years old, the use of such drugs is not a little cracking a nut with a sledgehammer to kill? And with a look of course is a course of 15 days! Which is commonly known to play a small needle, intramuscular and subcutaneous injection points. Intramuscular injections is spanking a child afraid of needles! 15 days satin stitch, it is really a bit scared ah! (Nurse sister wearing masks, I can not see ah little meaning! Like I'm 15 days can bubble to nurse the same? It is another matter!)

I'm going to wait three days later after the kick the bottle, refuse to play this little needle thymopentin! I intend to use other means to improve their immunity. (+ Ring line and find a girlfriend) I think low immunity, that I often stay home, every day facing the computer work. The body does not already strong line and also even worse. Although there are not a lot of swimming but swimming once a week to go, as if each swim one kilometer not to! So I plan to:

1, bracelet making full walk 8,000 steps; early in the evening

2, to increase the number to go swimming, do not travel long distances, increasing the number to be supplemented; not to each too tired

3, sports cycling, riding back and forth every 10-15 km; 1-3 times a week

4, other sports to be replenished

Incidentally, also from 2017, the increase in weight cut down, I bent over to wear socks, cut toenails are feeling uncomfortable against the stomach ah! I have maintained before the weight 65kg, 168cm tall and my weight count this extra baggage. But now 70-72kg, when the maximum weight seems to 75kg! (Sounds like last year, just started swimming weigh) the last time I buy pants have found that height and weight, it is too difficult for businesses to choose the reference pants. Leading to buy back the pants is not very fit.

About Chinese medicine and Western medicine, the majority going to choose the way Western medicine treatment. Maybe even the next part of lymph node resection hands, my own 100?f the expense, so I left a very, very impressed! Light bottle now costs five days have been 1300 yuan a! If still playing "thymopentin" is how much money? If surgery is still surgery how much money? It is not to dry out the 5000 yuan? As for how to improve the immune system? The above exercise to develop a preliminary plan, then consider using a portion of health care products as well as traditional Chinese medicine or conditioning!

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