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I am a teacher of the year (7)

Friday on March 27th, 2020Life

Chapter VII


During military training, leave class 54 are boys. Girls were only three people, and there are more than 50 boys. No matter how hot the day, these girls were how dark the sun, they are adhering to. Probably the third day of military training, military training has begun half an hour, I went to six persons investigation and found my class and sixty-seven less. To the dormitory, I found a hostel directly to sleep four people. There are other hostels. I took cried out, including three people with all kinds of excuses to evade military training, such as headaches, foot pain, stomach ache these. Some people even say that he does not like the sun. And here there is a person, is a Min mentioned earlier.

Min claiming a headache, has been pressing his hands on both sides of the head. I found that he did not have a fever, headache, unlike cold leads, but since so they had to let him rest in the dormitory. However, the unexpected happened.

0:53 am the next day, the teacher called me high. But because that night the phone battery is depleted, charge off, did not receive. 1:07 am, gave me a hit. I received a voice mail prompts to move the next morning boot. I do not want this man to disturb others during the break, so I did not immediately call back, ready to ask the teacher to high school after.

To school, high teacher told me: "Last night in the dormitory curse Min a headache, roll, I'll give you a call, you can touch a shutdown so I called the principal, and later called 120 him to the hospital! . "I hurriedly asked:"?? there is no vomiting how to check the results of the "high teacher said:" OK, now back, "paused, she said:".. we require teacher phone 24 hours "At this time, my heart is collapse. Then I'm going to look at the dormitory of a Min, I was also think that the security department is doing to eat. The school did not give the new teacher we say that mobile phones must be available 24 hours a day. I looked at his cell phone, high teacher said: "I am middle of the night when the phone is muted bed asleep asleep woke up, look at the phone and saw the missed calls, played to ask a bit to know your class students. . "now I do not know at that time who gave her phone calls. I said: "I did not expect this ......" I do not know what to say. Later, high teacher told other teachers: "Lin said he had no obligation of 24 hours a day." This sentence high teacher to a lot of people have said, these people by word of mouth, spread to the ears when he was the Director of the Security Department in . Later, the Director of Security Department was transferred to the Director of Student Affairs Office, and told me about it. He said: "I know that no matter how stupid you would not say such a thing." This is something.

Then I went to the dormitory visited a Min. He is not a headache, does not speak, quietly waiting for his parents to come to school.

During military training, I have to pay a deposit apply for a school meal card. Fanka very old, old card is recycled. How much of a meal card our teachers and students the same price, how much to eat meals brush. There is no separate dining room window, teachers, students line up with. Other teachers generally not in the cafeteria to eat, because their homes are either in school teachers house (built after about 1980 years ago), or in the vicinity of residential schools, they all went home for dinner. And I, sometimes lazy, so they eat at school. 2 dollars back and forth to the car, the price happens to be a vegetarian.

Noon, after dinner, I chat with students in the class in front of the school building. One student (I always remember who this is) and I said, "Min some may pretend to be sick to the pit of our miserable, he did not have military training, he pretended to be too much, spent more than a thousand dollars, what CT, B super have done. had nothing to find out. we also toss enough to choke. Lin, then you did not come, and I have followed 120 to go, you see, I did not sleep today well, we have a black eye. "

Afternoon, some parents Min came to the school. Speaks I totally do not understand the accent, I sent for Wu to help me, and she could not understand. Very reluctantly ended the conversation, so she took some parents Min Min certain back home until the end of military training, he came back before the official opening. Thing is not over, there is a story Min.


During the two rows of military training performed much better. Most of the second row are girls, some lively, some introverted quiet. I am the person, no matter which class treatment, in such a later during class time is in addition to lecture and criticize others will be serious, other times speak more relaxed, according to the students describe called "very funny" and therefore there will be lively moving students come chat with me during the break. These students come to me to chat, whether boys or girls, asked me basically revolve around the topic of my hometown is like, and gossip.

One student named Li Meng, who grow fat. We chat in the teaching front, next to other students and a teacher mentioned earlier, when he was 4 pre-school vocational class teacher. Chat, Meng said she was sleeping when turning in bed shake. I said it was not good quality bed, plus your body caused. Talking, I would have talked about an interesting encounter during my college. One of my roommates is also fat, used to live in bunk beds (at that time SCHOOLS good shops, but fortunately not give him points spread), but chosen for shop and spread his sleep. As a result, and it's just a bad foot bed board, bed missing a big hole, and their feet stuck get out. I said Meng, if you sleep the upper berth, night stand, bed collapsed. Meng then rushing grabbed my arm is a beating. People long fat, strength is also large, put me playing hurt. Then they talk about her figure, the specific chat now forgotten, I just remember I then asked the sentence: "? You get the bottom bunk or spread" I think she wants to hit me, so I started to run, I tugged and she rushed to fight more bitterly than before. In the distance sits the rest of this row of three girls in unison: "hey - yo -." I am so embarrassed. The Meng classmates I have a lot of white hair, asked me not to worry about the operation, and then gave me the nickname "Grandpa Lin." No matter where I see the future, to include in their class when I was on duty Chagang, when the class no one speech, she also told me to use a high voice, "Grandpa Lin good." I can not wait to find a way to seam drilling.

There are a few girls, such as Xiao Han, Zhou Ran, Xu Qian, etc. are also alive and kicking around. Once close to 7 o'clock in the afternoon, where I sat on the front steps of teaching sit and play phone. A few of them will come grabbed my phone, my phone open QQ add their account. At that time it seems to increase five or six people. Later, they built a class QQ group, pulled me in, then there are a dozen plus my QQ. Now, only three people only occasionally chat, occasionally give space to talk about comments, others are lying dead in the buddy list. Xiao Han students as well as the story, she was high and her term of one year I taught the boys fall in love, I was all kinds of gossip.

There are two rows of a boy, named Liu Gang, more than words. When they train, I walked past them from the side, he spoke, I said:. "Do not speak, among the queues are not allowed to speak" when he did, then more rest, but always said that some of the people listening very confused words, So I do not want to talk to him. I still have all forgotten his conversations during military training. Later, a formal class, he often does not attend class because he did not want to learn the piano, dance courses, would like to turn to animal husbandry and veterinary professional or computer. High teacher once told me that people do not look the Gang more than words, he is one who has the ability, and choosing the right degree he will have a future. High teacher and I tried to persuade him to school to learn the piano from scratch can also learn to dance. But Liu Gang have to turn professional.

But then the quota is full five-year college, he tangled for a long time, go to my classes, just come on the day's lesson. But because he is a Muslim, I do not want animal husbandry and veterinary science. Then he told me that he wanted to transfer, and go to a school in the field, his family and relatives are related, to get him past. Transfer when his father came to my office and talk to us. His father said: "This is not a pre-school children learn, he moved to animal husbandry and veterinary, his relatives said , we are Muslim, after graduation can not knock the pigs go to school, his uncle at work there? , let him past, learning and gas equipment installation and maintenance, after the installation of a gas pipeline to someone's home. "At that time not yet entered school, he dropped out to pay the application and left. Since there is no accommodation invoices turned over, so the latter school uniform back when accommodation, they did not give him back. He also called me and asked why did not receive the money.

There are two rows of a boy and I share much, he named Ma Hui. He is very interested Chairman Mao, Chairman Mao wrote to ask me how much poetry, calligraphy and painting of Chairman Mao, etc., during military training and he asked me a lot. After he always contact me, I also print out the first set of more than 130 poems of Chairman Mao, but also gave him my poetry collection two years of the modern poet. About him, then I alone speaking.


Two rows of students, and I leave directly during military training. If you need to go out, or back to the dorm to rest, I am responsible for signing by the written request for leave. Six rows of my classes are responsible for 54 signed written request for leave me. School sent me the book, torn rags. Two classes leave the situation is completely different.

2 pre-school vocational students in the class, the sick during military training, usually go to the infirmary, with two exceptions. I had to take two men to the hospital for examination and treatment. Of course, all my own fare to play out. Surnamed Wang, surnamed Wu. Long like two people, later once they remember two confused. Wang was the case I forget, just remember to stay with her classmates, I took a taxi to the hospital, after a simple check will be prescribed some medicine, medical expenses advanced by me, then he gave me. WU Zhen, the day flustered, clinic doctors recommended to the hospital to check to see if there is heart disease. It was already more than 12:00, but bear medical treatment, her classmates with her, we went to the hospital, they checked the room, I waited at the door. ECG was done, the results came out, the doctor with a compass and a ruler to measure the distance and height of about waveforms, identified electrocardiogram normal, no heart disease. The doctor will let her go back and rest, and even drugs are not open. After a taxi back to school, they got off the bus at the school gate, I asked the driver to turn around near my home (where rental housing), home for dinner. Because it was already about 13:10, the canteen has no meal. Such as taxi to my neighborhood, home only to find that there are no rice cookers. I do so now, but fast food is good and so on, it is almost 14:00, and military training is about to begin. I do not have time to eat, then I went out and bought bread, went to school by bus. To the school I found my sunglasses disappeared, suspected to be lost in the hospital. But I never did find it.

In the second row I leave the impression that all are girls, there are other leave diarrhea, stomach pain (although unknown to say, but you know the reason), they signed a written request for leave to go back to the dorm to rest.

The 54 classes in six rows, for the students leave, upon inquiry, did not really sick, sick are false. Leave out quite a lot. I go 10 minutes the approval, but may disappear as a afternoon, the phone can not get through. I regret that I did not make a harsh punishment for them, because I feel that every child is a mountain home, and I hope the school can keep students, student survival is fundamental in the development of the school. However, I am too good, so leaving endless scourge.

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