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My IFREE mobile card 0 yuan per month

Tuesday on March 3rd, 2020Life

In August 2014, I saw that telecom promoted IFREE card and the tariff was very favorable. Although it was only for new users, I was not an old user after all, so I bought it. For this card, I also spent 65 yuan to buy a small Telecom phone. As a result, this card brought me some troubles later. Although Yunnan Telecom Company has given me some comfort recently, there are still problems that are still pending. Let's talk about this card and the story behind it today.


In August 2014, Yunnan Telecom launched IFREE card. This card is only available for online sales, and can be delivered by Baishi Huitong (later renamed as Baishi express). It can be invented in the city. The charge of this card is:

The monthly rental fee is 0 yuan; the local call is 0.1 yuan/minute; the local call is 0.15 yuan/minute; the roaming call and called are 0.2 yuan/minute; the local answer is free; you must send a text message (IFREE to 10001) once a month to sign in, and after signing in, you will be given 30m provincial traffic, which is effective in the current month (even after the current month's non clearing policy is issued, the traffic is still the same) Effective every month), deduct 5 yuan of account management fee if you don't sign in; the local calling local line and mobile phone number are free; if the other party is local line and mobile phone, dial the local IFREE number, then charge according to the calling party's tariff package. The above rates do not include Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

After I bought it, I plugged in the telecom cell phone and used it happily. This is also the number I left for my students when I went to substitute lessons. It is also the same with the contact with the teachers and students in the laboratory. The original number is used to contact others.

But soon after I bought it, I found that the telecommunication signal in my school was very poor, especially indoors. Although the dominant frequency of 800MHz is used in the 1x signal (2G network) of Telecom, and the penetration is the strongest among the three operators in theory, the signal is still not good, there are many dead corners, and there is often no service indoors. So I reflected that to 10000. The next day, I was contacted by a telecommunication staff. The other side claimed to be the base station maintenance personnel of Telecom, and explained the following reasons to me:

"The signal in your school is not good because the XX building of your school is on fire, and the base station of our telecom is on the XX building, which has been burnt down together. Later, we planned to repair it, but the Fire Department blocked the scene and didn't let us repair it. In this way, we are going to build a new base station nearby, but it needs money and also needs to be submitted for approval. Now it hasn't been approved, so you can wait patiently. "

I remember that on April 4, 2013, before I went to participate in the master's reexamination, there was a fire in the XX building of the school. At the top of this building is the telecommunication base station.

Photo: the top of the building where the fire happened is the telecommunication base station, which has been burned down.


When I go to the countryside to collect blood for pig farmers, I must take this card with me. When I went to the countryside, I found that the telecommunication signal in the countryside was amazing. In some QQ groups, I met a lot of sprays, many of which are the brain powder of Telecom. I can't say that Telecom is not a good word or mobile, or I will find all kinds of reasons to spray you. They say that "the signal of telecommunication is the best. It can be seamlessly covered in any place, and there can be no telecommunication signal in any place", and you are not allowed to say that your signal is bad, or it will be sprayed. However, even if they are "impossible" again and again, the fact is also a fact. The real situation cannot be denied and covered up. When I go to the countryside, I often encounter the situation of no telecommunication service. Here is an example.

I have been to several counties, including Luliang, Zhanyi, Xuanwei, etc., and some places twice. In hetianba Township, Haidai Town, Xuanwei City, Qujing City, Yunnan Province, it is the place with the worst telecommunication signal. At the town center of Haidai and Tianba, CDMA 1X has signal and can talk normally. But in some villages, there is no service. I watched the mobile number in my hand. The signal was full, and it was 4G. I observed a person's Unicom cell phone in the same industry. Unicom has a signal, but it's only 2G. There is no 3G and 4G, including in their Township Center, there is only 2G Unicom. In Haidai and Tianba, we have been working all day, and my Telecom cell phone has been out of touch all day. At about 6:00 p.m. that day, we were on the way back to Xuanwei county. My Telecom cell phone had a signal. At this time, I received a message from the school express agent point, which was sent at 9:00 a.m. I quickly contact the express agent to sign for me, or the express will be returned the next day.

In a place in Guandu District of Kunming where I took the course, it is also a place where the telecommunication signal is weak. This place is not as extreme as Haidai and Tianba in Xuanwei, but has many dead ends. In my school, when I go to class, there is no signal in some teaching buildings, and there are also some dead spots in the school's training base.

So I decided to disable the number. But because this number has been given to some people, so the number has not been cancelled, has been retained until now. After the mass sending of the number change message, I was scolded by some people. I said that it was a necessity and I didn't want to change the number. After I stopped using it, I still kept checking in, but sometimes I forgot, so I was deducted. Moreover, I didn't shut down for a long time, but turned on during the day, and sometimes I took this small Telecom phone with me.


From the day after I bought this number, I received a text message of "XX securities" every day. The content of the text message is similar to "XX opening price, XX today". I thought it was telecommunications

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