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Trip to Japan

Wednesday on April 22nd, 2020Life

Japan, no spring cherry vivid colors of summer, nor winter snow quiet. But Coincidentally, summer vacation, there is no busy for critical things, people will have a reason to travel. Summer of the Western Pacific, Typhoon Season activities. Fortunately, kind of weather, in just five days in Japan, no way to or from the typhoon, we will be in this journey is not too hot and even some autumn of summer began.

Japan since the Meiji Restoration, and gradually grow and develop. Its degree of social development at the forefront of the world in terms of science and technology, medicine, and culture, Japan has a great influence. Although after World War II, but Japan through social transformation, just a few decades to recover right again, and now still have the right to speak in many areas.

?(SKYTREE) ( "Chrysanthemum Jiro of summer" in the mine gate) (Sensoji Temple) (Takeshi Kitano) (hachik like) (the "great nation" where Phoebe being imaged) (outside Tokyo station 2020 Olympic Games countdown) (Nozomi Shinkansen)

This trip, we take the Shinkansen from Kanto to Kansai route Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka three. In fact, five days is not enough, fly all the way down, I like the style of downtown Tokyo, which is different from the bustling Beijing, Shanghai, and perhaps the entire Tokyo too, simply can not compare. If you want me to use one word to describe the first impression of this bustling, lively I think the word is inappropriate, much less congestion, it should be the most appropriate the word civilization. Why is it civilization, civilization represents the order and rules. When you see it at first glance, you know, originally existed in this world there is such a form of civilization. Neon lights, and the waves of pedestrian traffic signal at the intersection against the traffic lights alternately running orderly manner, without the vehicle horn, no clogging pedestrian walkways occupy the road at a red light. As the game screen traffic light intersection as smooth and orderly running. I was shocked to see reasonable time designing traffic lights and traffic signals everyone to abide by the results, really can avoid traffic jams.

Traveling thousands of miles, read a lot. A person to comply with traffic lights easy to do, the whole society can not everyone can do it, so most people can do it if it is hard, I think I've found the answer here. I also have pure patriotism in general, I also have national dignity, but I think in this context, we really should learn from its neighbors narrow strip of water. Recognizing lack of arrogance down, then embrace science and advanced technology.

?(Hozu River rafting)

I think Kyoto Arashiyama, should be first choice next time I go to Japan. The train ride in Saga Arashiyama, along the red maple leaf green, giving the left a deep impression. Wait until the fall or spring, when the mountain is covered with red maple leaves, it should be another world. And come Arashiyama, one must go to experience Nakatsugawa Paul rafting, a whole half to two hours. Saga train ride to the upstream, and then by boat drifting down, along the scenic River Hozu not to be missed.

?(Downtown Osaka) (Osaka Castle Park castle tower) (Kirin Brewery)

Osaka Kansai to eat well-known, if the light play Kansai, I think two weeks will not be much. This trip down, I deeply feel for the public transport system in Japan, especially its railway system, called Metro tram called Ye Hao worth mentioning, really spree railroad, a railroad can be extended to the far, far away, even in remote the mountains, this is not a public service reflects it. In Japan, very expensive very expensive taxi, tram is not cheap, but super easy, this is not to provide a comprehensive public transport and encourage the use of its strategy yet.

I think the answer is not in just a few days here will be able to answer out, easy to use on the line, why should they get to the bottom of it. As a tourist, I only care about the food and the scenery while traveling.

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