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Yunnan to the sun

Wednesday on April 22nd, 2020Life

Autumn seems to go away after only a few rainy night, instant winter already arrived, cold air southward temperature also plummeted.

Think of Yunnan and hot, and not too far away, so this May 6 to 8, and grandparents as well as uncles together, go to Yunnan for three days. The night before departure, and for a moment under a light rain, so early in the morning on the 6th feel more cold. Fortunately, to Kunming, it is the sun. Although the end of autumn, but the sun Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, the sun in his face still feel a little hot, to a place of shade, they feel chilly.

The last time to Kunming, after graduating from high school and two small partners together, that also went to Dali and Lijiang. Go back, I wrote a travelogue on the Chengdu-Kunming railway line also. The play, just walk around in the surrounding Kunming, mainly the sun. Because the advance rent a car in China Auto Rental, it came out from the airport, take the shuttle bus to pick up the car, which opened a three-day journey enjoyable.

The first station directly to the Dianchi Lake, a really sunny day, between the blue sky Seagull speeding on the lake. Shore tourists to buy bread to feed or feeding seagulls, for a time, all the gulls would have rushed over competition for food. The tourists, immersed in some fun playing with the seagulls, some Guzhe out of cell phone and camera to take pictures, and some standing on the shore overlooking such a rosy picture. Noon meal, but also in Yunnan Nationalities Village near the stroll, the weekend may not be the reason, this build commercial street not many people, or that seems to have deserted. Stroll around came out to Haigeng park. When recent afternoon, Dianchi Lake is also a big storm, shot in the lake shore and the occasional splash play, playing on the sidewalk shore. The seagulls here is also more bearings, incomparable vitality. Dianchi Lake in occasional cruise ships and boats opened, looking ahead, the distant Western Hills in the sun against the background a bit lofty.



The next day a stroll in downtown Green Lake Park in the afternoon we came to the Western Hills. Lakeview take the cable from the sun, then take on the ropeway second hill in the Western Hills. Actually, I think the Western Hills cableway really good, not that comfortable to sit the cable car, but because of the scenery through the cableway at the beautiful. Perhaps because of Dianchi Lake and Western Hills already beautiful, but also perhaps for this beautiful weather added a bit more color. All in all, that is a worthwhile trip. Next to Dianchi play, you must also pick a good weather sit once Western Hills lifts. After down from the sun, already in the afternoon, then drove to the Chengjiang County, where there is also very beautiful lake, called Fuxian. Fuxian close to sunset, and the lake at sunset reflecting the sunsets, no busy bustle, giving a wonderful quiet. Many places around Fuxian surrounded them, no signs of the development of the whole economy Chengjiang County seems not too developed, Malaysia does have a lot of trucks on the road, perhaps in a place I did not see, we are engaged in construction. Just hope no matter how developed, they are far from the lake, can save the United States live in the lake.

(Fuxian fishing boats)

(Fuxian sunset)

The leading edge of a cold front cold air already arrived in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, a third day wake up and find out the window, had began to rain. Different from the previous two days, the temperature suddenly dropped down. It is not raining on the lake, so go directly to the Stone Forest. From the high-speed Chengjiang, to see the toll stations posted a notice epidemic, he said that the African swine fever, the green channel to transport materials also have to use a quarantine certificate. Evident. On his way to the Stone Forest, the weather is changeable, sometimes the sun, sometimes rain. Unfortunately, to the Stone Forest it is a cloudy day, even a little drizzle. Without the sun, it also seems to play a bit less fun. In the Stone Forest, take a sightseeing car around in a circle, after the car battery start blowing cold air, cold and almost hit me shake. From Shilin out, they go directly to the airport, which know to the airport, but also a large sun. Pu'er cattle at a small restaurant near the airport ate beef soup pot, in the afternoon on his journey home.

Weather Yunnan, although occasional changes, but still the majority of the sun. Winter sun think, to Yunnan must be a good choice.

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