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Alma mater for two years in a wide generous words

Wednesday on April 22nd, 2020Life

Do not carry on for two years, I had read of his alma mater, I can almost? Thy also something that students do not read Yu day!

Go to school for two years, it had almost been the triumphant easy to carry, but my heart has always led the Department never left. Thinking back two years ago, with my only child and Xing entered the school, learning culture, courtesy of enlightenment, Credit goes to mentor cultivation, also deep feeling of disabilities and students from sunrise while chanting, and sunset, morning till evening, sincere . There's worse, the sky will be bright and friendly learning Mongolian Academy of Forestry in the long night and also according to Deng made, there is no sense of boredom, there is no meaning tired, so ear, is common progress, learned the true meaning.

Love mentor is particularly memorable day, I carry typhoid, when treatment until midnight, and then I accompanied my division, such kindness, what worse than their parents. The doctrine of strict mentor, Naishi Wudeng students into rigorous diligence of the atmosphere, but also to make Wudeng to tackle the integrity of quality, Wudeng in fact deeply beneficiaries. Today, I urge You Xinhuai motto uphold the division, Fen do carry a dignified man.

Although people often pay hidden measure, in case of having an affair, I also absolutely independent body of permanent good compliance instruction, no pollution together with its fellow of the public also. Although today's world is not ancient, all for the sake of money Yiyun, while chasing fame and fortune and to ingratiate themselves cheap, unsightly also the King of the eye now view and vast. I was living it especially, the trend is not for profit, not in the name of the move, the different streams Herd those in power, having said that ear, or that I was squinting others and self-cleaning and music carry on. I read this, also get the true meaning of pay to practitioners, Zhennai fun things too!

Although the alma mater do not have two years, Wu Yi Yu Zhu teachers and associates, and often gather a total of recalling the past, a total exhibition future. Credit goes to my school alma mater, the study of knowledge last you a lifetime. Today, my alma mater and to glory, when students must make every effort to be success in the day, in order to make my alma mater proud. The truth honestly, short words long paper, this close pen, efficiency action!

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