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Chengdu to visit relatives+travel+shit in bed!

Wednesday on April 1st, 2020Life

Went to Chengdu during the Spring Festival, the main purpose is to visit relatives, then the way to travel. This article records what happened next.

1, out of time is the new moon day, few people would have imagined should, but later discovered to the airport when boarding or with a lot of people! (Only with a lot of annoying not too much) time to catch it just right, just go to the boarding gate just exactly lining up to board the plane, on the toilet turn out just me and my mom.

After all this time it still winter? So before I will not go before the summer, when the oncoming heat wave! When the starting temperature of about 20 degrees Kunming, Chengdu seems to only about 15 degrees, but also feel a little cold!

2, a few days ago to Chengdu, in Chengdu width of the alley and shifted! Why move it? Spring Festival line up like a battle! Originally alley is very narrow columns arranged in three-way move a little bit and went, everyone crowds "good fun"! (*/\ *) wide lane move slightly wider slightest pace can be slightly larger.

Then the surrounding shops are newly built and there is nothing pretty fun. Many shops to buy silver, there seems to be a hotel? restaurant? From the lobby door first "flying under the" second floor of the train (head), crowded to take pictures of people are doing it! I do not know the owner is happy? Or helpless?

(There is no love me!)

Then a walk Chun Xi Road, People's Park, a walk, an afternoon tea in the tea house Daci. (Very comfortable! The weather is bad)

3, went to the so-called "panda base", proposed to my dad, and my mother would have been rejected, but look at me and want to see my dad pretty panda ( (?) ), no option but to helpless to follow. After going to regret it very, very sorry. The way to the taxi went smoothly, took a few steps to the entrance to the Panda Base frightened.

But no drones, or to a bird's-eye view to a better intuitive. A closer look only to find long lines of those tickets are needed on the network queuing up for admission. Our family did not advance booking, had to go to the ticket office to pay the booking micro-channel station, then came in a few minutes immediately went in! Ha ha ha ha ha! ! !

Then in there come a long, long time, only to see a giant panda in the "dormitory" lying in his back we eat bamboo. No. To the outside at least a hundred people! ! We must stand on a corner roadside flower bed to see the panda's ~

Man is full again go inside, see the "panda Sun delivery room," long lines, I said let me go in and see my parents, I went to see a small area crowded the number two or three hundred people, and then to loop around a circle to see the panda must move forward, it is several hundred people stuck in a three-wide shortage of intersection! I am scared back quickly "run" just around the corner was stopped by security mandatory back, we had to go back and stay in a big circle to find another place a road around the back seat of my parents.

Fortunately, the last to go out to see the three pandas! Be not in vain just to see the pandas would gasp.

I also take positive face, just I think it particularly want to look back pack, so we took. See above above around how many people? ?

Out of the gate after o (()) o ignorant force! Absolutely no car out of there! Probably it was estimated that at the door waiting to go back to hospital admissions and other New + should have two or three thousand, right? A bus to pull two or three at the most great, about ten minutes trip. So the question is:

Number of discharged patients 10 people per minute, in front of more than 2,000 people waiting for the bus, the bus in 10 minutes per trip, each bus can pull 30 people! Also ask how long I can leave the panda base? ?

Actually me and my mom there for half an hour, trying to squeeze three buses did not succeed. You might ask your dad do? My dad broke character for the first time on the crowded bus somehow squeeze go up! Get very embarrassing to me than a phone call gesture, so he went to the phone now! Me and my mom last 15 yuan/person choose to do the bus. I rub a look at holiday bus do not know what cars are where to go? Fortunately, I was lucky to hear a mother is to Chun Xi Road, just lucky my mother took my car squeezed into the bus. Also quietly looking out the window at the back of people! (,, '? ?) Techno "(' ?`.) (Madeleine society know that bullying honest people!)

4, went to the Temple of Marquis Wu, Zhuge Liang Liu Bei they saw a bunch of people statues! In Jin's next? And wide alleys and the same crowds, full of people, the pit was a packet of radish, taste very good, but very little actually sold 20 yuan a pack of Mahler Gobi I rub! Eating a big sausage! XX eat a wire cake! Rao round and round and then came out.

On the way out to the car to find Chun Xi Road, to see a legend of "egg bake cake"! It came in front of my one-time brother to 8! I rub Mahler Gobi viewed () kept swallow saliva ah. + Selected blueberry jam mixed with three wire and two floss. I ate half of the semi-sweet and salty did not imagine the delicious.

Lunch at Chun Xi Road old "Long Chao Shou" eat 78 yuan package 2 1 part 98 parts per package. Mahler Gobi Chengsi! Dozens of large and small plates, in order to pit the money waiter with a very "polite" very "friendly" tone push (suddenly) recommended (leisurely) point 3 copies of my mother! Then awkward to eat. Finally, not even packing boxes are not, only a tattered plastic bags! Rubbish! Not recommended to eat. (Do not eat, travel friends, please do not eat a single point of the package you regret dead!)

5, then is to visit relatives in Dujiangyan! Relatives for dinner that night taxi back to the hotel did not do, had to drag a box to go back about ten minutes? I do not know rice is not clean? Or cold air to be stimulated? That night I was the most shameful thing: shit in bed. That night the toilet ran about seven times the next day went to the toilet seven or eight times. Not diarrhea, is to pull water directly! In this continues almost be dehydrated to death, right? ? ? The next night finally went to the drugstore to buy some different medicine! XXX XX particles enteritis, I rub this drug really works on a pack of two grams immediate!

= ( ' `*))) Oh! ! ! My mother day is finished come back at night with relatives in the end, vomit, vomit also go high on the railroad! And relatives said, when I had to complain to eat eel sushi XX Chunxi Square is not clean, eat eggs, eat breakfast every day in Chengdu dumplings and so on. (I want that sushi is not clean there is a problem, then there should be a problem! Do more than just attack it every other day)

6, do high-speed rail! Many people! Basically "Everyone Everyone Everyone Everyone Everyone Everyone who my mother all my people Everyone Everyone Everyone Everyone Everyone Everyone Everyone Everyone." On the high-speed rail! Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot and stuffy! I almost eighty-nine kept in the section kid actor models: noisy, downtown, singing, running around, shouting to call Mom and Dad! Then the seat is not comfortable, I did not put some movies on the phone, did not put some stories. I thought the car in six hours, a good fun I can play with my NS games, read a book!

I was too young!

7, around 23:00 pm back to Kunming, in the very far away, just on the subway at around 22:50 on the last train to go! Oh da! High-speed rail station there is no bus, no taxi flocked to "hit list"! Only do not hit the table and pull the black cab car electric car. Okay okay I have a suburban house, 15 yuan to me and my mother brought back. On the way electric vehicles rushed to the highway! I had a big wind to feel "God" to be ready to take off!

In short! Please secure in the New Year at home, not out Qucourenao! No way I've been 12 years old in Chengdu, never went to Chengdu, the milk I have not seen what I look like an adult! What's not to mention what the video chat! Under'll fool a few years ago, since last year, right? I fell like milk, now about 70 a! Then do not be afraid of is outrageous.

Then go, that is all the relatives asked, "friends not to play?" Also is not talking about his girlfriend? Only (,, '? ?) Techno "(' ?`.) Quietly said the 2018 effort!

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