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The recent purchase of the game statistics

Friday on March 27th, 2020Life

During the Spring Festival. steam discount. psn discount. Buy hundreds of pieces of the game. A few are used to play pirated replacement ticket, taking advantage of cheaper to buy, and some freeloaders (rounded = Do not give away money) to buy.


1, Persona 5 (P5 best in the world), just listed the best in the world on a variety of expression package. But because it is a JRPG turn-based game, I'm afraid I do not move on a little bit of liver, ah wait until some time ago to buy 150 seems to play a boss on the first ten hours later. Haha really best in the world; [fail]

2, watchdog 1, which is a long time ago Ubisoft hacker game. Dog known as the shrinking of the game! When blow sky was issued after the actual release because of BUG and the shrinkage problem, leading to word of mouth is not very good. Later I watchdog 2 platinum clearance in the PS4, that dog can be considered under 1, when the PC computer configuration is not enough on a start, some time ago on the PS4 is also a beginning. [Just] beginning

3, Yakuza 3 is reset version, this game is more regret buying, the plot too boring! 0,1,2,6 not played before the story interesting. Most of the time in the care of the orphanage bear children too boring. Coupled with the mere addition to resetting the Chinese did not use the new engine production, the point of view of style or in a bad mood! I would also thought to platinum, but found difficulty pricey, decisively abandon this unrealistic. [Main] [branch line does not pass through]

4, Assassin's Creed Aghir trilogy, (o) ... how to say this? I said one day I was dreaming about Assassin's Creed's LOGO, then I purchased this guide you believe it? It belongs to the replacement ticket purchase! After all, three of the year to play on the PC very happy, although in the main do not know what say? But the Chinese did not like the first on PS4? [] Replacement ticket

5, Bloodborne - old hunter DLC, a long time ago just bought PS4 will buy once Bloodborne, but try to restrain him out off the game. Under no later play another game Gangster open pit and then move the body through the help is finally off. But the DLC was abandoned, and later sent the body PSN members, this discount make up the DLC. Clearance [be]

6, Sophie alchemical workshop, which is long long long ago (a few years ago to buy) directed at the stand painted pretty full price JRPG game. [] Beginning to be adopted

7, Uncharted 4, Uncharted had played on the PS3, PS4 update on new work decisively to buy a pass, when the discount, though not history or get a low price and intend to keep on playing a game. Try the highest degree of difficulty? Clearance

8, two VR game (Walker + Arizona sun), two games are playing zombie games. Walker bias magical, Arizona, belongs to the end of the sun, buy it just to play a bit on the Ha ha. Clearance [be]

9, A Fistful of Dollars 2, the digital version of the ordinary version of the full price. Do not like the thought that the western theme of the game, I feel so boring! But Jiabu Zhu made the whole network video in this game, then decided to buy a "really sweet"! The main line 80 hours finally over, but then online mode and GTA5OL completely opposite feel boring. GTA5 I would think the main line boring, the online mode is interesting. Clearance


1, reset Resident Evil 2 version of Resident Evil 2 long ago by a friend had finished the beginning of a genuine pan. Police were seen to lick it too scared to play. The buy Russian steam zone KEY almost half price to buy. The first time I played too scared not light, then drove through the modifier speed Claire papers, articles in Lyon, leaving Claire in the articles did not pass. Several additional plot did not pass. Body clearance [count]

2, Monster Hunter world, this rather awkward on PS4 host more than 300 over a full price play about 100 hours. Then bought the PC during the Spring Festival letting a friend take me to brush a few days, about 40 hours. Russian zone KEY almost half price. The main blame game count all the brush again, graduation suit also brush enough. It is also compared to the previous technology million for the hosts when they great progress. Clearance

3, wizard 3, commonly known as mad gamble hunting magic! 60 yuan to buy a history of low prices. It is played one-third of the schedule, right? Fun is really fun plot is also quite interesting. Cards fun. In progress...

4, Age of Empires 2 HD, play is a child age 2 and Red Alert Empire. Be the replacement ticket! It opened more than 20 minutes! Child playing time, did not say what hundreds of hours, 100 hours certainly have! 20 yuan fare adjustment is also OK [replacement ticket also do not intend to run]

5, DMC Cry rumor yesterday burst liver modifier opening 4 hours finally burst liver clearance of. In the fir fruit rounding do not have money to buy [Through]

6, forget-me, is a parkour game, but after playing the actual feeling is similar to the Persian monkey game. Okay! Do not buy fir-cones above rounding, the DMC and two 9 dollars to buy [be] [customs clearance] has been

7, invisible guardian, is a domestic interactive movie! The plays did not have to say a feeling of an underground game. There are several beautiful little sister, then all dead! Ending with the two, the last one ending not updated, [by two ending ending last update, etc.] [has] clearance

NS Legacy pit:

1, empty knight, thought that would be like, but then saw a large map later, I was a little regret buying this game.

2, 2 nonsense kitchen, the pit buy the game, so that I can buy the digital territory, then there is no break with the French Open, I bought pit people do not play the game. = ( ' `*))) Oh.

Early steam buy the game so far uncleared game statistics:

1 star dew Valley Story, the original red bursts of network games. Because I had a child playing GBA emulator, there is a version of the Farm Story - Mineral Town junior partner particularly like. Almost the same hundreds of hours of recording. Then the star bought a dew Valley Story, has only run three hours; [uncleared]

2, no man's sky (unmanned deep space), at half price, playing 10 hours, played with a friend two hours and then find it interesting then bought a pit, playing 10 hours the dog days do not play a. [Uncleared]

3, singular life 1 (full article), as if the purchase price is very cheap, do not buy the rounding equal. Had played piracy, piracy seems time to play the second chapter? Archive not long ago, it seems to be not genuine election chapter? [Uncleared]

4, famine famine + online version, is the replacement ticket purchase, piracy is almost time to play there are about 100 hours.

5, Duanmu Fiji Tensei, word puzzle game, puzzles too difficult, IQ is too low, then abandoned pit. [Uncleared]

6, Hurtworld, long ago bought net red-survival game. Garbage game, then vowed never to buy a survival game, especially the kind of game the whole network platform red anchors are playing games. They are nice but not fun. Customs clearance or not, bite the bullet and play 14 hours regret can not be refunded game does not exist.

7. Slowly night, also very early early early early (steam to buy the first game of it), but only survival mode, the story mode does not intend to buy! [Uncleared]

8, Guts and Glory, red net game, then rounding is equal to or nothing.

9, LiEat, not money equal to rounding. RPGMAKE master making games. [Uncleared]

10, Portal Knights (Portal Knight), is to buy a pit, and then feel abandoned pit. [Uncleared]

11, Garry's Mod, red net games, not fun to abandon the pit.

12, different way to go home, red net games, fun is fun. [Uncleared] [has] clearance

Wherein the game already has three parts are as follows:

Persona 5, Bloodborne DLC old hunter, wizard 3, invisible guardian,

Which has not started a game they are:

Do not forget me, watchdog 1,

Games have clearance 6, as follows:

DMC Devil May Cry rumored, Monster Hunter world, Resident Evil 2 version reset, reset version Yakuza 3, Uncharted 4, A Fistful of Dollars 2

Replacement ticket game two, namely:

Age of Empires 2, Assassin's Creed trilogy Aghir,

March 7, 2019 21:48:56 Change: Going clearance:

Sophie's alchemical studio, Walker VR, VR Arizona sun

This life is unlikely to clearance of the game:

Garry's Mod, LiEat, Guts and Glory, and slowly night, no man's sky (unmanned deep space), Duanmu Fiji Tensei, Portal Knights (Knight Portal), the singular life 1 (the whole chapter),

Might clearance: 3

Go home different way, Lu Star Valley Story,

Hang on NS: empty knight, pranks Kitchen 2 (transferred to the PC on clearance)

March 5, 2019 18:49:36 Updated: different way to go home [has] clearance

March 5, 2019 23:29:27 Updated: invisible guardian of three main outcomes [clearance]

March 7, 2019 21:47:04 Updated: forget-me [has] clearance

March 12, 2019 13:31:33 updated: vitality Knight (mobile games) [clearance] first clearance ~

March 12, 2019 22:22:27 Updated: Lucy Star Valley Story clearance [count]

March 13, 2019 19:17:30 Updated: strange life [1] Video clearance

March 16, 2019 15:50:19 Updated: watchdog [1] the main line clearance

March 18, 2019 12:08:05 Updated: kitchen nonsense [2] has clearance

April 13, 2019 23:38:11 Updated: sorcerer body [3] as well as clearance has been two DLC revel.

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