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Space Department: about the persistence of the game developer of Unmanned Deep Space

Sunday on June 27th, 2021Life

2021 Steam Summer Promotion begins! (Beijing time: 1: 00 a.m. on June 25-July 9), friends can make up tickets ~
sneak a glance, sigh ~ there is no masterpiece that I am particularly interested in, this time G fat does not have to pay me back.
saw the big update of steam News "Unmanned Deep Space" and updated the content package of the next era, so he came back.

Steam Summer Promotion

there are three activities that Steam can't miss, summer, autumn and Christmas promotions, and summer special discounts are not the highest, but there are games that I especially like to make up tickets, usually some masterpieces that are not in a hurry to play on a single machine, because the stand-alone game itself plays a plot, although it is bought early and enjoyed early, but it doesn't matter for me to buy late, and the price is still cheap, but I can really play but see other people's strategies. It's better to kill two birds with one stone. Haha

every year, G Fat prepares something new and fun. This year is no exception, look at some short stories to choose different options, and finally evaluate what kind of game hero you belong to (in fact, it is a more interesting way to make the survey more interesting, so as to recommend games to us). Steam is really more humane in this respect, which is called professional.

The pioneer pathfinder (to put it bluntly, never BB)

the only thing I am interested in in this promotion is Odyssey. I think it is Ubisoft's Tudou platform, and I give up instantly. I survived and kept my wallet in the first half of the year. Get ready for the fall sale. Ha

looking forward to the release of the new work: the country of the Wind

the space system is a masterpiece!?

I should belong to the person who entered the pit by the first wave of propaganda. In the early stage of the game, it is said that there are 184.4 billion random planets, which can be explored indefinitely, because Uncle Chen himself likes the content of science fiction. coupled with the promotion of the game community, the game almost praised the sky, decisively must be won ~

as the saying goes, the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. What about the random planet? In fact, it is a random combination of alien life, map models, plant and animal characteristics, even if it is a new planet, ha, and the initial provision of architectural models and spacecraft is pitifully small, it can be said to be a complete semi-finished product.

not long after visiting the forum, we saw a lot of curses and bad reviews, and some people even revealed that the developers had made money to run away. In fact, I am not so disgusted, although it is not as wonderful as Xuan said, but I think the creative way of playing the game has been qualified, it is not a masterpiece, but it is not bad enough to hit rock bottom. The development of the game is not that simple, so I still hold the mentality that it will be updated later, and silently uninstall the game and wait for the big update in the later stage before playing.

16 years of launch was sprayed out of the Xiang, read a lot of comments, I did not refund or adhere to their own ideas, sure enough, my choice is right, the developer did not run away. And since the release of the five years, has been adhering to free updates, at least there are more than 20 updates, including a lot of play of the big shift, constantly polishing. Not long ago, I supported DLSS, and released a next-generation patch in recent days, so last night I dropped it from the gray list as a sign of respect. Ha

Take care of my spaceship. A shuttle flight from outer space Buy a makeshift house

people who like space themes can give it a try. You can go online, fly a spaceship, build a house, take landscape photos, ha
it's okay if you don't like it, and you can get a refund within 2 hours.


when it comes to game refunds, it reminds me of last year's "Cyberpunk 2077", which is also over-publicized and bolder by not skipping tickets directly. The official weapons transformation system, I really entered the pit of the transformation system, directly castrated. Apart from the whole part, apart from the inexplicable BUG, I think the picture and plot, especially Chinese dubbing, can really be done, at least as a new sci-fi theme of the game it is absolutely qualified. Sometimes I really resent some people on the Internet, who don't play for long and persuade others to refund. They go to the cinema with those people to see 3D special effects movies and tell others that they don't want to see them if the plot is not good.

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