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What Christmas!

Sunday on October 11th, 2020Life

Trouble all night last night! Christmas had not spade, really played hing, I said you have such a passion for the New Year nice ah!

Christmas does not know Shajiao? The birth of Jesus is not home, it means the Christian holiday. There you are blind from what coax ah, gave apples, hanging stockings. Hey yo ~ I really had to give a bunch of brats.

But having said that, we have to take a quick analysis it is Christmas so much "charm" mean? A new map, or plan a romantic, people do Western Christian Christmas Mass. How Christmas is to become a Chinese Valentine's Day ah? That what gave Apple, and Apple's custom of sending Christmas is usually presented to the younger elders, want their peace. Apple also give each other that what you kiss me Lennon, looked really boring!

Sometimes, we always say South Korea stick, you too TM shameless, necessarily dare to put our Dragon Boat Festival to become a you. They also criticize plagiarism our TCM Confucius ...... can we ever know how much we appreciate these things? If we care about from time to time, pay attention to their own culture, to carry forward the majority, others dare plagiarize it? Even if someone stole, he also embarrassed. But now the people of the world have recognized the Dragon Boat Festival belongs to Korea, we do it only reluctantly. Definitely not, because of this, we should pay more attention to their own culture, to show the world the mysterious and very meaning of Chinese culture, Chinese elements, Chinese taste! At that time, someone will ask the stick: "Oh, you have such a Dragon Boat Festival how strong Chinese taste ah?" This time is our opportunity to correct history.

Provided that all customs, has a long history behind precipitation. Both ancient and modern countries in the world have their own festivals, customs, these are the backbone of their own culture is looked up in the international community. A culture not their own nation, it is impossible to be respected, and this is understandable facts.

For the expansion of world culture, we should exchange attitude to accept, but can not refuse. But sometimes, we think we should have a culture of their own, we are proud of. I am not boycott Christmas, but I resisted some of the western culture; I love China is not alone, but I love the ambition of China.

Finally, I wish everybody a happy Christmas ~

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