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National Day holiday luxury

Sunday on October 11th, 2020Life

Luxury luxury ah, is simply a luxury! National Day actually be able to put four days off, ha ha ha!

Usually reading, can only rest on Sunday morning, from Saturday afternoon after school, then begin classes on Sunday afternoon, and sleep up to a lie-in relation to pack up, eat study.

so ...... thank, thank the party! National Day can take this a good rest and consolidate the spirit of the thing at attention some time ago, and it is very interesting.

From last night coming back from school this morning to sleep for two days late and, Oh, really Fu-ah! Only a long time I did not experience sufficient sleep time can appreciate that this is how warm and beautiful there -

But unfortunately, these days I have a cold, always a runny nose, drowsiness, good hate na! Here also remind our friends, to keep warm during the cool down a lot, do not exceed grace not temperature! Two days before Guanghan weather is good, there is yin up today, the cold air transit ah!

Sky One also God, and that night at school, so I did not see live. After returning home, looked under the video, not become less excited, after all, our national satellite launch spacecraft is not the new wonder what, symbolism not as big, but sincerely wish the motherland can be more powerful, to the world front stand tall!

Left two days off the time, I will find time to write Bowen point, hey ~

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