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Care for the most heartwarming

Wednesday on September 30th, 2020Life

Today is the first day of this weekend, going to a lie-in and then get up at 8:30 am to participate in the collection. Unexpectedly 8:02 At that moment, I was awakened by the familiar rumble from underground, while the dormitory roommate heard shouting: earthquake, earthquake, Run! I rushed downstairs moment they get up from my bed to leave downstairs from the second floor probably only took ten seconds.

Then he learned that seven earthquake in Lushan County, Ya'an City, it's no wonder this time and felt small earthquakes previous different. Although separated by nearly 200 kilometers, but felt quite strong. Although the team before we have conducted earthquake drills, but after all, there are many foreign students have never experienced an earthquake, an earthquake comes when the real panic seemed more or that there was a direct students to jump from the second floor window down, and broke his.

The next is to ask family and friends begin to receive the peace of text messages and phone, but then can not get through the phone, use only network, Weibo micro-channel and played a significant role in contact after the earthquake. Maybe this is the biggest advantages of the Internet with traditional carriers now compete.

This morning's experience also reminds me that the 2008 earthquake. Earthquake five years ago that stirring the soul of so many people bearish on the money, seen through the fame and fortune, to understand the truth is the most precious thing in the world today Ya'an earthquake will make these people more determined their mind, life is priceless, love the most heart warming.

In fact, in the face of catastrophe, human nature will be revealed, people of good will to shine that side.

Willing Ya Anan good, blessing Ya'an, Lushan blessing!

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