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2013 The first article

Wednesday on August 12th, 2020Life

Time flies can be considered fast, a blink of an eye, graduated from college, work, end of the world was fooled, and life to a new stage, though not ideal, but at least went out 2012 many things have not changed, flies very depressed, so in 2013 I hope I can change, some progress, but also hope to go more places, meet more people, over a little more fun!

During this time really busy, some things to work, but also in helping to engage in health (works great), moving furniture, do all sorts of things, sometimes really impatient, really annoying, is the same dormitory cold, work such as stagnant water in general, life is still very confused!

Yesterday saw the foundation of this framework, simply use a bit and found is good, but used to make blog theme general, no good bootstrap, the results made a theme of semi-finished products, after give up!

Recently a bit familiar with bootstrap this framework, bootstrap is based on simple and flexible front-end framework and set of interacting components popular HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT's. I also do it based on a theme, tentatively named singlong-bootstrap, Personal general feeling it, did not handle some of the details, you can watch tidy share!

This afternoon saw bootstrap theme of the blog is good, so, mod a, of course, is that you see this, concise style, feeling a little light blog, I like to prepare long-term use, I put this theme named singlong-Bblog, I feel not bad, but in ie still some ugly.

Last night, looked at Hunan Satellite TV and Jiangsu TV New Year's Eve, look at the cross, in fact, I was watching Jane Zhang, Jolin Tsai Jay, jolin United States turned really, really desperately Princess, hanging so high, JAY still hey Yo good, oh!

Finally, I wish you all a Happy New Year, all wishes come true!

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