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Wolf 2 ignited national pride

Wednesday on August 12th, 2020Life

Yesterday morning saw the battlefield parade, after listening to President Xi's speech, the afternoon went to see the movie "Wolf 2", really feel a strong sense of national pride, the country is really strong, to have such wonderful people army proud.

Recent domestic movie really made me constantly surprises, from the "Wu Kong", "Brotherhood of Blades," and "Wolf 2" is really an exciting than one, especially the "Wolf" series of genre, It can be said for domestic film rise to a new height. I have always felt the story of China's poor better than foreign countries, we should be confident, China's film is not worse than abroad. "Wolf" is also the first to go to the cinema to see, was very like, 15 years, Wu Jing also came to my city to meet with the fans, but I missed that meeting. I did not expect progress in the second part will be so great, whether it is war scenes, fight scenes are fully upgraded, the production is also more sophisticated, and made me surprise is that it has become a very successful series of films, and now I really looking forward to the next "wolf 3", that time I will also go to theater support!

Wu Jing is always insisted on doing his own movie theme, very easy, very admirable, it is also a lot of people make up their faces. In recognition of this movie is really too much, then, here I will not say, in short, this is a very worthwhile to go to the cinema to see the movie, but also a very good education in patriotism. The last movie of this picture, people moving!

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