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Winshare bookstore Caprice

Wednesday on June 3rd, 2020Life

Yesterday afternoon, Wanda see a see a newly opened Winshare bookstore, went to inquire about it, a lot of books are plastic and can not be demolished, very few shops open book of probation. In one of the few in this probation, I quickly search the book cover. Soon, a cover printed accompanied by a high and one low flying bird, the background is the snow hanging forest of the book appeared in my line of sight, five cover the upper right corner bristling printed in bold - "Crested Ibis last words. "

Read, this is a documentary literature translated from the Japanese, tells of a Japanese observe, protect and record the story of the crested ibis activities, but the outcome is very weak, the Japanese crested ibis eventually died out, only the introduction of breeding from China.

Of course, the point is not to introduce this book, after all, I have not seen, but I really want to buy look at. So I picked up the book, a look at the back of the price, price 49 yuan. I looked up thoughts turn to fly, time to think only about 1 second, so I left to take the book, right hand into his trouser pocket and pulled out the phone, open a search Jingdong, discounted price of 38.6 yuan. See this price, my heart is "cool", and the difference is so big, how I have the nerve to not buy Jingdong, the next day will be able to. But standing next to the bookshelf I was really excited because spotted a book, like to get a baby. In the store to buy it, now you can take home, not that expensive 10.4 dollars Well, gotta sponsorship that it is this feeling of physical bookstores, bookstore and this bright and spacious, providing reading services, if it can not come in yet found The book does, it is a little expensive it more expensive. But on second thought, 10.4 yuan, or a little weight, but also used to buy books and Mo Kanwan it, this time even if the bar, next to scrape together a single time in line to buy it. So again struggled for a long time, I chose to leave the bookstore.

Online and offline sales, the difference is too big now. If the difference in two or three dollars, they did not need to tangle this problem, for a book of nearly 50 dollars, ten dollars to the price difference, it does make people hesitate. I sent you the ten dollars, not bad, I was able to ignore the difference between ten yuan post mentality. Because it is a new bestseller, but also worry about buying, forget to buy online.

E-commerce impact on the real economy too much, lately, some courier charges also point out the good things of daily purchases micro-channel group, buy online, pick up at the next line, this model Taobao faster than , and a great catch up Jingdong self momentum. In contrast the streets of brick and mortar businesses, if they also took on the e-commerce car better, if you know nothing about this e-commerce, it would mean that it will be eliminated by this time?

Electricity supplier channels far fewer intermediaries to make the difference, really a lot cheaper price, but there is no fun in the store, "Taobao", and life and therefore less certain that some sense. But as a consumer in terms of a single, inexpensive commodity, not a good thing? So it is necessary to enjoy the store Taobao fun, but also to enjoy the price of electricity providers, is not only a monopoly can achieve it, otherwise always someone to get the goods after a throat price competition. After a monopoly is not necessarily what will keep prices low? One day the store disappeared, leaving only the retail electricity supplier who in turn Is it a monopoly of it?

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