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Beijing Daxing Airport boarding experience face brush

Friday on April 24th, 2020Life

Nearly two months have not been updated, the last time Beijing on business, went to the airport is (surprise to see when the plane landed in Daxing Airport wings to fly night), when just returned Fuzhou Fuzhou maiden voyage back to Sunday 10/27 when returning from the Beijing Daxing Airport aboard specially KN5775 (China United Airlines). First talk about the process.

Caoqiao ride from the Airport Express (35 yuan), very few people on board, the speed can, I see the car show fast speed can be achieved when 160-170KM/H, about 20 minutes to reach the airport in Daxing, first feel modern, clean and bright.

After entering, he found that many tourists taking pictures, this new seven wonders of the interior is quite nice, I naturally joined the army to take pictures. "Powerful country, national renaissance" meaning nice! I arrived just at noon, take the opportunity to chatter Master Kong beef noodle bowl of tomato beef noodles. The store is small, a lot of people, queuing and other vacancies, probably because other supporting not ready.

After eating, they stroll around, ready security, first experience checkpoint gates do not check ID and tickets, self-identity cards sweep sweep into the face. Security check is very small, with about the same flight international flights, before entering the security environment is better-looking, taking pictures of people more.

Then talk about boarding, boarding time is also a face brush boarding, (there are two boarding brush face, there are two traditional boarding verification).

When the plane took off I was too sleepy, he stumbled at the airport had wanted to overlook the whole picture, and may be associated with the seating direction, unfortunately.

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