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Applied for a public IP network

Thursday on April 23rd, 2020Life

After the recent telecommunications customer service and communication, opened a public network IP, finally do not have to endure before the network penetration turtle speed, my internal network through the server is set up in the foreign VPS, basically can not see on the NAS remotely movie, he has built himself some services, such as albums and network disk, access speeds are very slow, useless. After the opening of the public network IP, it becomes so clear, it is simply a new world.

But public IP is also not very perfect, like you have to remember your own string of IP addresses, usually 80,8080,443 these ports are sealed, my 80-port also was closed, and the use of public IP access We also have to add the port job.

After setting the port forwarding in the router, you can achieve public IP plus port to access the device.

Can be achieved using DDNS domain name plus port access, you can register the ASUS router ASUS DDNS service, but the domain name is a bit long, but then I signed up peanut shells, shell using domain names, began still work, then do not know why not visit, suspected to be the real-name authentication to access, I have spent dozens of pieces to buy a domain shell, a little pit. Now is DDNS NOIP service, easy to remember domain name, speed can also be, it is to verify the official website 30 sky once, a bit of trouble.

Usually outside the most used is Jellyfin and Nextcloud, now watch movies and upload files to a network disk speed is very fast, very good experience.

But for some of the equipment you want to use port 80, such as some web applications, or conduct network penetration through Frp.

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