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Sunday on April 26th, 2020Life

Stick to what people Shen beads, elusive two points Zhang.


Just saw the same students are learning the computer I add Friends of the chain, people looked at the site, not only beautiful, but also full of technology-related content, and then I Chou Chou, the situation of the current situation all day long, my computer is really white learned.

In short recently about the final exam, the family side is not very calm, parents just had a fight yesterday, I stand by this time my father really is probably no longer have any hope for a change, but that is natural, it will have done to give him a pension nail in the coffin of it. Well talk about this later. Let us talk about the content of the next update it, the next update should be in January next year, no accident, then when my shortwave license can be approved down, I buy the accessories also should almost be able to live together, to the time the data on the short-wave mode you can play again. The radio is really not white to play, but also to find the paper title from the inside, this is also a good talk about it later. Let us talk about the content I'm not good at.

Anglo-American Overview final exam

Profile of Anglo-American school to open a public elective, classroom teacher is a teacher from the UK, although the same are well selected, can be really strict teacher more, so that although the final exam at once with difficulty, but I am like. I would rather screenwriters can not pass exams, could not stand those private crash course no brain back problem could have been even a required course for high scores - I despise the latter. The final exam in which a question is asked us to choose one of the United Kingdom or the United States in the recent hot topic, advance information search, when the exam to write this essay. The last time when the class teacher asked me to write Diansha, when I was really little preparation and no, mouth came a "UK Election" teacher Yipaitaitui: "! Great," and so I found a dormitory, I regret I really do not know ah a punctuation mark in politics, that Mozhe, bite the bullet and found it. Read BBC, CNN various reports, news videos, articles, and finally a little prospect of a solution. This British election is really quite general and domestic, though lively, even in my opinion some eye trouble, but the mind some longing. Country we all know, I do not say, therefore I refuse to be held to any criminal liability.

Britain's general election, unlike the US, the UK Parliament seat a total of 650 children, so the country (England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland) according to the number divided into 650 constituencies, each constituency is roughly the number of average, each chosen to vote I can speak out on behalf of their constituencies who sent Ta parliament that this person may be the Conservative party, the Labor party, other parties, personages without party affiliation can even be (but the possibility is relatively small), and possession of child 325+ seat in Parliament the party will become the majority party, the majority party leader will become the new prime minister. If there is no partisan seats occupied so much, it will form a hung parliament, this situation requires several parties allied to form a coalition government, or a party to form a minority government, or is it the dissolution of parliament, new elections.

From the results of the elections this year (2019) point of view, the Conservative Party victory, the Labor Party disgrace, the Scottish National Party has become even more prosperous in Scotland. I think the main reason is the UK's off to Europe so much noise. The first is the Conservative victory, I think that Boris Johnson said, "Get Brexit Done" relevant, I read some interview with the BBC, the last 2017 general election Midlands form of so-called "Red wall" refers to the United Kingdom in the middle of a constituency Labor Party support, so as to form a wall of red wall (Labor's color is red), red wall substantially reduced this year, when the BBC to interview a lot of people say they want to put off the matter settled out of Europe, Qiazhiyisuan off from Europe has in the past three years, but one of the many things still pending, are open to question things, it makes it very difficult to do, no clear policy on the natural life does not bring people Conveniently, the United Kingdom is already out of the EU in the end it simply to take it cleanly crisp, everybody comfortable. This contrast, the Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn's attitude is not the same, he said that the Labor Party decided to hold a referendum within six months after taking office, to decide whether Britain really want out of the EU. Conservatives to the public to ensure that, in January 2020 before putting it off Europe completed. This is all of a sudden compete with established off.

On the other hand, I think the leaders and inseparable. Although the Constituency Member of Parliament election, but after all, is inseparable from the political parties. Many people evaluate Jeremy Corbyn was "too old", "nobody likes him," "do not want to trust him," and for Boris Johnson is "younger", "more dynamic", "more promising." As I said Corbyn that face is really too old, no.

But not everyone is happy, Boris Johnson became prime minister there are a lot of people joined the march against him on the issue of off-European policy. While Scotland and Northern Ireland are not quite agree with off Europe, even within Northern Ireland which has still not been able to unify, not willing to take off half of Europe, support for the Democratic Unionist Party, the other half happy to take off, to support Sinn Fein. Scottish touches more unified the opposition off in Europe, making this election the north of England a large yellow (SNP representative color).

Ever since, the British off in Europe this problem has become the main factors affecting this election (indeed there are other factors, but this has little effect in comparison), that impact? I think this will be able to see it from above, and the United Kingdom (UK) has always been one of the United Kingdom, and now it is clear that the EU was happy to leave England and Wales, Scotland, not happy, not happy to Northern Ireland half happy half, If any real hard off, there are brick house guess maybe will break the current situation in the United Kingdom, in other words an independent Scotland could, Northern Ireland may also be volatile, but the real results, who knows to go.

The above is some of my views on British politics. I was too young to temper relatively straight, too complicated political thing I do not see, a little express my humble opinion, but also hope you like the good published criticism in the comments area, like individuals, do not accept the kind of open spray Yiyanbuge .

Amateur radio and papers

Last instructor talked to me, so I have to send two English papers before graduation, business There can, I will not even write the title of the paper, how to write text papers ah, and I do not know what I write. Started off by saying, the same is learning the computer, people will be able to update the site a lot of technical articles, I can not. Not that I did not learn not to do, he made the contents of the articles I have basically been achieved, and some also thought sent with, but then I thought, so much the CSDN, Google search a lot, so much more than I excellent predecessors have done better than me, why should I have to re-create the wheel pales to repeat it. So just been made on the site of some little things appeared online, which led to the sciences, though, the results are nothing like the whole site.

So the paper is the same, always feel a little change on the basis of someone else's hair on a paper and take it, is a variant, not the same with others, not false, but I think it is inevitable that water is suspected of paper, I think that is wrong . But really want to write my own Diansha, mentor recommended me to write machine learning/learning in depth, I think I want to propose a new network architecture, not much reality. In the course recently to see Andrew Ng and see backpropagation I made a difficult, it touches can understand, but mathematical skills, but off, there is an intuitive understanding, but can be sent with a derivation. Writing papers are not writing the best-selling Popular Science, Hawking people can tell the whole book on a formula to understand the truth of the universe, I did not write papers throughout the formulas talk directly with others, I guess most people certainly are not happy.

Fortunately, my initial thought by radio essay topic. About is the use of neural networks for signal processing. The public is not necessarily known, but I do not open mouth is talking with strangers, so that in the ordinary amateur radio voice Communications said, that I do not line up, so I hope that digital mode, a modulated signal data transmission. But there is a problem on shortwave: big noise back. Despite such strong anti-interference ability FT8 mode, but not all models are such, particularly in this type of SSTV signal led them through the picture modulated into an audio signal, if the receiving end of a high noise level, then finally resolved out of the picture will be very vague, discernible poor. So I want to be able to learn through in-depth solve this problem, see. This I feel a bit like the famous cocktail party problem, but the problem we are all for unsupervised learning, a bit difficult in my opinion, and photographs and encoding is known to be transmitted can actually put this problem into a supervised learning , it should not difficult, probably it. This is just a rough idea, and will continue to explore further, I want to explore in the process do not suddenly one day someone said someone sent a paper with exactly the same as I do now, that I have to Kusi (Behind his hand).


As said before, my family and fight. The ancients made "not wash your dirty linen in public," I do not intend to dwell on this matter, but I would like to say what I think.

People now often wondered what I live for. My father lived for sixty years, but I still do not like/dislike him now a lot of bad habits. I'll look like? I often told myself must not become quietly they do not like the look, but also often look at ourselves, although I now have a lot of want to change failed to get rid of, I argued that "get rid" of problems, but I think these still acceptable. Temper straight, speak to the people without leaving any level, even the demolition of family units, people lazy, do not love sports, then there is not open mouth, and chat with friends often mess up, like, I'm really not very good, even there are some poor effort, but how should I say, I'm at least able to recognize and acknowledge my weakness, I will admit, than this time felt they were not wrong, but someone else faulty strong.

So he wanted me to open, I do not have the ambition to become an immortal, I will be a normal person, if not the worst on the list. People I live is not easy to play well, have experienced a variety of things, all play on, it is no loss. Learning Ye Hao, Love or radio, computers, FPGA these, although only hobby, but my experience over (which I think about love and friends are very experience of failure, even in terms of love has not been one case of successful start even then divided the line ah, even a successful start are not), even if the play, and I did not experience than these people happy, happy, full, rich. Maybe when I Qilaobashi, recall in his life before dying, experienced the worst situation - not afford to eat rice, gravely ill, did not even take care of people, come to a people to fend for themselves, but also experienced the best of circumstances - get all kinds of awards, meet their favorite people, and she/he lived happily ever after (this point, if the long-term, I prefer her to stay together, to each other, and he has done a good life friends, mutual support, both of which will be very pleased to meet), took to the pinnacle of life and the like. Compared good life, my life more colorful or legendary longing for it. So I was determined, whether it is good or bad, I have to cherish them, or for them to struggle, after all, they are my life will experience the genuineness of existence, the future memories.

Hopefully now, people would like the world can not regret their lifetime should do.

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