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Wu Kong very good looking ah!

Wednesday on August 12th, 2020Life

Today, go to the cinema saw "Wu Kong," before I see basically do not have any understanding of movies, and even movie tickets are bought his wife, I went to the cinema to know I want to see is "Wu Kong." In general, my definition of bad films, the movie can see basically lousy movies asleep no doubt. For example, before the "Transformers 5", the movie did not start a few minutes I fell asleep, if insomnia when watching this kind of movie, would be a good choice. When you see "Wu Kong," the subtitles when play adapted from the novel of now where, I suddenly remembered that this is not a novel I read, I read it? Fiction plot has been forgotten, but now where's name was also impressed.

I differ from a lot of people watercress on the evaluation of the film, on the contrary, I think this is a good movie, can not be considered particularly good, but really not bad. The story read, and comprehend the deep things, and the humor they also laugh, cry, when I have moved at least, to see the whole movie is not embarrassing, story telling, although simple, but at least did a good story, the plot is not procrastination, not a quitter, at the end also to the force, is also very good sound effects, ask, you are not satisfied with this film, what do you want?

In fact, we find a movie is good or bad, had no standards, are often self-perception. Different angles everyone station, cognitive thinking is different, treat the views are not the same thing, not to mention films? For the "Wu Kong," I just want to express a few views:

First, a thousand hearts of a thousand Hamlet, movies and books are not the same, everyone has their own understanding after reading the novel, will have its own world, author, director, screenwriter, too, you can not ask everyone and they are consistent with your ideas. The director has his own ideas, he will be the second creation, in some places to a form suitable for movies, but also consider a number of factors, adaptation is necessary, but be faithful to the original, you can change, but can not be wandering, so the adaptation large IP movie quite hard.

Second, casting it fairly successful, at least there will be no feeling of mine, Eddie and Ni Ni looks very seductive ah, Eddie monkey shape is also possible, Shawn muscle appears to be practiced, Joe Shan and Yang Di is responsible for funny, Europe and Hao Zheng Shuang performances are also in place.

Third, the very good special effects, domestic films have this effect has been pretty good, very strong comic style. Hollywood can not always specific, people development for many years, and to see their progress, rather than always see the difference.

Fourth, the moon is not necessarily better than the Chinese round, bike sharing in the UK is an example of this thing, there are many foreign lousy movies, forgiving is not necessarily a bad thing, of course, hope that made the film a good mood is understandable.

These are my little humble opinion, there may be wrong with it, if offended, forgive me. Anyway, the movie from start to finish, did not sleep and urinate, individuals still feel good, I may be relatively easy to meet it, need much, this movie is a casual thing, it does not have to tangle, but do not let yourself happy.

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