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Yunnan abbreviated tour

Wednesday on August 12th, 2020Life

Burma's remit, Caiyunzhinan.

Fifth day from Shuangliu boarding, went to Yunnan. One and a half hour flight to Tengchong Hump Airport, this airport is the first Japanese built, but now it has become the most important stimulating local economic development, tourism transportation, because Tengchong barrier train.

Prior to this, he had heard Tengchong. First, Tengchong to Mohe is the boundary of what population distribution; Second, there is the tomb of a country in Tengchong War.

In fact, Tengchong really beautiful scenery, due Located in the southwest, close to the border, so there is little factory, will ensure that the fresh air here. Visibility is very high!

Spent three days Wanbian Tengchong, cascading River Falls, War Cemetery, Heshun town, volcanoes, hot sea ...... ninth day return.

This is my second visit to Yunnan, the first time I was very young to go to Kunming. The difference is, this does not seem to have the impression of Yunnan?

In the next article, I went to my narrative scenery emotion in detail.

Stay tuned ......

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