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Me in 2012

Monday on August 10th, 2020Life

The year 2012 is very interesting, a lot of experience, leaving a lot of memories.

Can be said that 2012 is a cut-off point, no matter from what point of view, it is indeed a link between the past year. Because first of all, do not destroy the Earth, it allows those who believe in apocalyptic much happier, more appreciative of the years ahead, cherish family and friends.

During the year I graduated from high school. Three years of high school seems to go faster than a three-year junior high school, but the way I go three years of high school and junior high school is entirely different, perhaps this should permit the easy passage of happy hour this sentence. Anyway, the high school is finally over, even give me a chance I do not want to relive high school years, because that period of time is too commonplace. But I am glad that know a lot of friends for three years and spent quite a few hours of fun. Since then, we have gone through the college entrance examination. Entrance, like a grab answer, in time you no time to think, the answer must also grab the opportunity to say some kind of answer. After the college entrance examination, I have to say goodbye to my love of history and politics, in some cases, lost does not mean that really does not have, maybe just for a form. After all, I'm still a hobby.

Summer vacation, Qiang Qiang went to Yunnan. Third went to Yunnan, the first time was three years old, in Kunming; the second is 10 years in Tengchong; this went Haigeng Park, but did not find the cave on the picture of the year. Subsequently removed Dali, Lijiang and Shilin, boat, hiking, boating, horseback riding, swim beautiful scenery ...... Stone Forest in Yunnan, people are very honest. On the way back to Sichuan, Chengdu-Kunming line in my Benz from south to north, as the time to the same, that night on the train's Travels wrote, "Spring City Spring flowers of summer driving," now I see it travel articles will recall that a few days short but rich meaningful journey time.

Some time before school starts, I looked through the 87 version of "Dream of Red Mansions", the original connotation too, can only be understood by means of film and television. It's a knew of as, revealed the human vicissitudes, wrote the way of life of ups and downs, Jia Tong is not fake white gold for horses. With gem stone for the line, interspersed with the story, it is because of the stone want to experience ways of the world, so slope foot and skin disease head Taoist monks brought it to the world. Have to go back there, still have to go back to the last stone, it must Jia's decline. After watching this drama, tangled for a long period of time, really feel sorry for Jia's feel sad story is poignant love story.

I write these words, my 2012 record, sneak.

This year, I started my college life. The subject of fierce competition and high attrition rate, so I had to try to change yourself, change bad habits of the past three years on the contamination, wash off should not have style and character. My temper to be changed, it should also get rid of convergence, this is indeed a pain for me. I still think themselves free, unfettered, but sometimes people should adapt to the environment, first learn how to herd, and then different. But I will always adhere to the principle problem, know shame, and distinguish life and death, responsibility, integrity heavy. I chose the road of a few people go, this is a mysterious and strange profession. It has its accusations and mission, so I have to learn to give and give up some things. Putin do when the then KGB, which also fearless.

Stick with it, that is victory. There are all kinds of people, it is easy to get lost self, so I have to do, is to insist on the original conviction, Variety separated from their cases. Perhaps in the future, I will be another way to achieve had not been able to do things, so now I am not discouraged, more is ideal gives me unlimited power.

University is a good place, although my university and others do not. No opportunity to participate in various community activities, no extra time to do their own arrangements, but also obey orders to obey orders given me those three years rare ease and comfort, it is when it is in debt better. Because sometimes, he was not all right, listen to the views of others is also true that it is wrong. Concentrate on learning, focus on development, which will be the main direction of my university.

Make a summary of 2012, summarize the past year their footprints, their record next year to change. Give an account of himself, make a plan for myself, I hope next year can do more.

2012 thanks, bye once.

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