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Water Egg how to burn tender? Water Egg practice does not produce cellular

Monday on March 16th, 2020Life

From the snack for many years grandma water Egg, bumpy surface, but do not affect it is my favorite egg dishes.

Recently, however, has to stay home to live hard and fast day, one day brought out a bowl of water to small animals Egg classmates, she was happy to see water bowl Egg shaking like a wave crest, the moment I very sure, given food aesthetic sense.

Water Egg how to burn tender? Water Egg practice does not produce cellular1

smooth as a mirror, such as soft curd with a spoon dig just like pudding. In fact, it is just more than confirm the egg mixture and mix warm water, skim the end, add a lid on the steaming bowl, that's all.

happily shaking with bowls of it -

smooth water Egg practice

1,4 eggs beaten, ready to warm water, egg and attention warm water ratio is 1: 1.5 (measured as a container shell may be used), adding a warm water before stirring spoon of salt, and then into the egg mix.

* heated to begin with a salt mixture, it is not easy under the above light salty.

2, the critical first step: sieving the egg, and the end surface of the spoon skim floating.

3, the key to the second step: the steamer water boiling into the egg bowl, be sure to turn a small fire.

4, the third key step: a steaming dish covered bowl, the lid was distilled off for 8 minutes, then turn off the heat simmer for 3 minutes.

* I use the casserole + bamboo cages, other cookware different thermal conductivity may need to increase or decrease the steaming time.

5, taken out, cut diamond can see the waves, you can not cut.

6, 1 Linru spoon half a teaspoon of soy sauce + sesame oil + green onion.water Steamingcomplete!

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