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The first three years of life 2

Saturday on May 30th, 2020Life


After high school, I divided the former military training in a class, the military training school re-divided classes, the original 10 classes, 11 classes later. But my test results at more than 190, while the elite class is the result of more than 130 before, so I'm not into the elite class. There are two top class courses. High school last semester, I can not keep up on the situation of high school math learning pace began to appear.

In fact, my junior high school mathematics began to drag up. Our junior high school mathematics textbooks that time, is not called "Math", but divided into "Algebra" and "geometry." Algebra teacher on the first day of the semester, lectures span, so that ordinary students difficult to accept, so I algebra performance was not good, but not bad. Beginning of the semester, the teacher went on maternity leave, by another algebra teacher on algebra class 4 to class. Beginning of the semester beginning to learn geometry course, by a mid-level leadership to the school. Eleventh grade, the original algebra teacher after the birth of the baby back, then on by her four classes of geometry. Change in the past, each teacher is on two classes of algebraic geometry +. For me, there would have been difficult geometry, together with the teacher so that ordinary people can not accept, only the Golden Triangle can accept my class, so my performance has been worse than algebraic geometry. I remember the first monthly exam last semester sophomore, my geometric score of 58 points (out of 100). When my mother asked me monthly exam results, I say other subjects, just not say scores of geometry, I said, "did not come out of it." A few days later, the mother asked, I said, "has not come out yet." My mother said, "how not come out?" I said, "do not know." However, without the knowledge after all is not the answer, I still say the real situation.

As an aside, the time is now really miss Cherishing such as gold, buy a 29 yuan with 30 yuan bill card 200 or IC card, a local number 1 every minute angle, distance 1.3 yuan per minute.

When a high last semester, the class teacher is a political teacher. So our political class very seriously. High school midterm exam last semester, my class political outperformed the elite class, the whole school year ranked first. So there are other classmates teacher in question is not revealed to us the title. However poor my class in math, I am also drag the people. Whether monthly exam, or mid-term exam, math scores have been hovering between 90 to 110 points (out of 150). Even mathematics is so bad, but because of rumors "after learning the arts easy to find work," so I chose to science, the arts and sciences high-semester placement.

High school final exams last semester, my total score is the class the first three, grade three or four ten ranking seems to be the way. Since my homeroom teacher is political, then to take liberal arts classes, so I dismissed the class, each class insert a few people. Because of my good grades, so I entered the elite class. To the elite class after my math classes began ranked River.


When sophomore last semester, the school points out an A class. From all classes screened out before Grade 60 students into the A class. My class has been able to get good grades A class, there are scores of students in grades 198 after being thrown out of the elite class. Then we had two top class into a class B, and the remaining six science classes is called the C class. My grades have been left in the B class. High School, when my grades again ranks down there, the worst seems to be around once the first 20 class (class size is 69 people at the time), grade ranking seems to be 122 (the whole school year the number of science students more than 600 people) , that is a sophomore last semester midterms.

On that occasion, 120 students of the school to make a full year before the parents to the school PTA meetings, the results located after 120 parents volunteered. In order to fight for breath, I asked my mother to the parents' meeting.

My math scores continued to decline, with the gradual increase of the difficulty of the course, my math scores getting lower and lower. For this reason, I am no less scolded my father yelling at me. However, I am not without effort, among other subjects, is located in the middle reaches of physics achievements, Chinese, English, chemistry, biology grades are upstream or upstream in class rank and grade level. For math, I understand the contents of the textbook, but subject to the comprehensive application of mathematical knowledge, I would not do it. I am worried too. However, I think my father would not have a good school mathematics, for which I am very aggrieved.

High School next semester, the college entrance examination the day after the end of the year, our High School students to reverse a small comprehensive examination. Reverse comprehensive examination of small means: science students a comprehensive liberal arts test, that is, geography, history, politics; liberal arts students to test integrated science, that is, physical, chemical, biological. Results are divided into A, B, C, D four grades. If the test of D and so on, you can not graduate normally not allowed to take the exam. We made a payment in advance of references, look again, looked for two days, found that many exam questions in this profile, so this time I took the test A.

In the High School the day after the end of the semester final exams, held a test of what (the specific name I forget), take a language, mathematics, English. This exam is extremely difficult, the subject is quite abnormal, but actually allow plagiarism, all the city's schools are copied, I even took a class of ordinary mobile phones Tyrant (then popular PHS, while the ordinary mobile phone is not only expensive, but also call or two-way charges) in with her classmates call transfer answers the phone. I remember the math test, a student's father is a math teacher, he gave all the mathematics examination paper to do, the answer to our examination room where his daughter. Then we all went around the students to copy. The examination results were not disclosed, nor even announced a reference value.

Middle School last semester, in accordance with the semester final exam results at the High School, the students re-adjust the A, B class. I left out of the squad assigned to 12 classes. This class is newly established, the main receiving A, B-grade class was ranked 189 and later left out of these students, and repeat students. I have to stay in class B, class size was adjusted to 64 people, just sit 8x8 layout. Middle School next semester, held five college entrance exams. My math exams in the first mode is 43 points (out of 150 points, the same below), the second 45, third 47 points, 49 points the fourth, fifth 63 points. The first exams in math, is second to last in my class, grade, ranking 476. Other subjects, the physical single subject results in the year seems to be around 100 in other subjects in the 35 year ago, last year's overall ranking at 113. Since the class is math teacher, so he's looking good at maths students talk, but did not find me. Which I see in the eyes, I know my math is hopelessly bad, the teacher has to give up my treatment. After this test mode, open parents, my mother will finish went home and told me: "You are the class teacher for every student named said, he comes to you, say, Shududu students, but also other achievements well, math is bad. In general all good science, good liberal arts, liberal arts and Shududu is good, not good science. "

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