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Pig Happy New Year!

Friday on May 29th, 2020Life

Year after year, the Spring Festival is China's most important holiday, but also the whole family reunion, New Year, Year of the Pig is coming soon, here we wish you a happy Year of the Pig, pig thing well!

2018 work remained calm water, does not aim, but they try too, it would not submit an application to join the party, life bought a new house, but do not hurry to live, the thought that house prices will always rise, so I quickly bought , we did not expect this rate recently dropped, do not understand what this price is the law? He became house slaves, the monthly for a lot of money.

Ready before the New Year, but also ready gifts, the family also improve the health, visiting several flower market, to buy a few potted plant, this year's flower market more dispersed, feeling did not last more variety, to buy pots.


Years ago, my wife drew a lot of pig Page and fish every year and other paintings, but many did not take pictures, I took this a few.

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