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2019 Mid-Autumn Festival in mind

Wednesday on April 15th, 2020Life

Head of a smoke, opened a new pit.

Dying disease in shock and sat up, laughing after year. Mid-Autumn Festival last year, I was leisurely enjoying the leisure of the new high school enrollment, and not how good painted watercolor. This year, I am here codeword, say something disgusting, is not really good words.

Like other festivals, but all this Chinese traditional festivals, most of them will leave, so I hard to force as a student, it may be desirable for all of the festival, eat moon cake is not, nor is focusing on Chinese traditional culture, but it can in but the weight of people breathe air in school life to give me a three-day holiday, which is more precious than my sight for three days.

Today is the first day of the holiday, natural and ultimately relatives stopping by, it is nothing more than my Aunt Ergu regulars. Unbridled command of my work, I also do not mind tamper with something that for me is really intolerable. Casually command will not say I do things, and I tamper with something that can not stand, she said to be tamper with, it would be damage to their own ignorance and stupidity, I use the wrong things, so vigorously out miracle, I broke numerous for me very important items, such as my painting with the needle pen nib is just a thin metal tube used to have to write, but also pilfering, run out smoothly on Chuaidao his pocket, such as I can not stand it, and afterwards said - not that a pen thing. So far, I did not think of their loved ones is a reliable presence, at least on my side, in addition to father and mother, all my family are crap, and God knows what ugly faces hanging in their faces waiting for you.

So bored on the occasion, I went to look at the "anti-Japanese drama" Japan beat - "Red Cross women's draft notice." Although the story is the same with many domestic drama series out, but had to admire the Japanese script written well. China's anti-Japanese drama has been praised bring the joy of victory, while Japan's brutal anti-Japanese drama is telling of war. Both what good or bad I do not comment, I do not want you no longer see all my articles after March 2015 (this kind of thing often happens, I was in the Lofter large quantities of articles will suddenly be hidden, that is the official website I can not see, but I could see in the console. I suspect that behind this dirty deal PY).

What happened then, suddenly saw a teacher Youth League sent me a message, and does not explicitly say so I push on the Mid-Autumn Festival to write a number of public schools, but the implication is clear: "it said good Mid-Autumn Festival" I think she probably wanted me to write it. and so! I wrote this article because it is really nothing to write 2333, in addition to eating moon cake, watching the moon, probably no one would really couplets it in the next month, for example, what Gou country life and death, or Hu Core starved to death in what way, it may not be 2333

Now the reason the festival, more and more light, no matter how propaganda of traditional Chinese culture, people have been eroded interests, where culture can change. Deviation spirit, the more treatment the more deterioration.

Everything in taking economic construction as the center, uphold the Party's leadership One Hundred Years Unshakable, long live communism! Long live the Communist Party of China!

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