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Friend's daughter is one year old

Tuesday on July 28th, 2020Life

A few days ago his daughter had a birthday, very happy, feeling is also very fast time flies, blink of an eye one year old, although very busy day for her daughter very tired, but every time I see her smile, hear her lovely voice, these tired and vanished, her daughter would not stand up from, to learn to crawl, and now people do not have to be able to walk around leaning on a fence in the living room at home, I feel their pay is worth it of.

Now all kind of smart kids, see what will be used by adults, and do not eat things will go to try the only dare to eat, and sometimes do not give what she want to play a little small temper, have their own thinking, adults sometimes say also understand, although not speak, but many such as "mom", "Grandma," "the," "the," "Do not," "bye" and other words will express, after all, did not bother to learn to speak her daughter are also in progress every day, let her natural, healthy, happy growth.

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