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To pack 2.8 Zhongnanhai

Tuesday on July 28th, 2020Life

Point on a cigarette, a man quietly smoking, watching the smoke drift, listening to their breathing, seems to temporarily forget the troubles around, forget unpleasant day.

Since the beginning of this life, I rarely had a happy time, before happiness is very simple, surrounded by a bunch of friends, go out to eat, bike ride, watch a movie, you feel very happy and satisfied. And now happy became very valuable, although they are still piled smile every day, but never really happy too, felt like dead, and alive without a soul, so life is very depressed, every day, you do not know what will happen today, We will ask you what makes you change anything? Even if you think you did it 100 points, but in the eyes of others, you are still failing, when you see everyone around you is holding a 7,8 1000 salary, driving a car, you suddenly think, oh we are not a world, or our lives nothing in common!

Remember there was a time, quite like pumping Zhongnanhai, the main pumping Zhongnanhai is the year saw the "struggle", which people like to smoke Zhongnanhai Zhongnanhai seems to be synonymous with youth or young people in the struggle. Remember the college, freshman, many people say "struggle" looks good, Ever since, I saw the struggle, was in some places is not very understanding, for instance confused after graduation, senior desperate struggle for diploma etc. many people in life because of the different and changing. Groggy, I went to a sophomore, at that time, "My youth who call the shots" is the fire, I saw, I remember when I go to Internet cafes to download under the point of view of the inside story now can not remember, but I do not know my youth who call the shots? Now graduated from college, I honor became a Cock wire, and thus, "Beijing Youth" come, what North, then deeply tied to my heart, I know how what the north, the same repression, the same loss, youth is no longer the same, the same want to catch the last of the tail of youth, like youth want to re-take a back!

He bought a bottle of beer, the taste of a person's having a hard time drinking beer, finger wrapped in Band-Aids, I am unable to name the keyboard, unable to tell something, I know this feeling, people will think it is a fuss, but I he is very clear that this is not the life I want, I would not have been this way, I hope that will change, but I'm waiting for the opportunity, between blurred, I looked at the next six books, I understand, if not, I think my life is very light, I will indulge myself completely so that they are floating, even if the fall hurt!

Point on a cigarette, drinking bitter wine, singing: "do crazy youth to a shortage!", Finally Ho Tung phrase: "I want to re-take back the youth, I think I now live with very depressed. ", at the moment a few points, I tears blurred!

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