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Life is really annoying

Sunday on July 19th, 2020Life

Yes, 18 years began to have trouble, it's not work, but in life.


After nanny holiday, a few days after New Year suddenly he told us not to come, said to take care of the elderly at home, and made us better now passive, so little time to find a suitable babysitter quite hard. Before the truth to say that the nanny is really very good, to put her more than I fake holiday, the basic me or my wife at home, she did not need to do, that is, when no one care about, no matter what all aspects of her clear conscience, vacation time she gave her a lot of things, hey, maybe she really need to take care of the elderly at home, and I do not want people to think the worst.

Sometimes you get really to others, others will not necessarily appreciate. In addition, some things to pay, do not think of return, think so, psychology will be a little uncomfortable.

air conditioning

A few days ago the weather is too cold, thinking about the warm open under air conditioning, air-conditioned room may have been the master bedroom is not how warm, at the beginning I think there might be no refrigerant, after all, lived here for years do not increase too , so look for a home appliance cleaning company for several air conditioners at home are cleaned a bit, then see if it is no refrigerant, and later found to be broken air conditioning unit compressor, then embarrassed, this thing basically did not We have to repair, if repair is also very expensive, or is the whole air conditioning scrapped, re-buy. And now we are approaching the New Year, only temporarily shelved.

Serious doubt on this air quality, in general, seems to be a three-year warranty, and I that has more than three years, do not you forget it will not be bad within three years?

PS: No. 8 February also found a repair shop, spent about half an hour to fix, it seems repair or looking for people, the technical level is very important.


Upstairs was originally renovated to live, and later moved out to sell the house, then the new owner renovated years after the decision, saying that he did not like the tile, that I suffer, and have to endure a period of renovation downstairs the voice, major or daughter, no peace during the day, the children do not know how to do, you can not always play in the cell below? Taking into account the time during the day and not let her daughter back to my parents or Yuemu Jia it.

To be honest this upstairs was very silent, you spend money to buy second homes, people have to sell it to you when renovation costs contained in, you have to reinstall smashed, you really are much love this house, or are you busy egg pain, no place too much money spent? Just take your pants fart is a drama!

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