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Chores Ikunori

Thursday on July 9th, 2020Life

1, Amateur: Day One day a small partner, W always ask me a question: How Web version of the two game account each brush? I answer: a machine uploaded several virtual machine and then brush each, if different ip will also grace the V fart. He simply is wanted airs in front of others, to save face, the little male partner quite interesting engineering. Previously this guy has too small drums program, listening to him say the server to collect the money to give up.

2, amateur: the record about LN get someone else Armani lipstick in Europe with the wrong model, stumbled lipstick magnetic cover the good, he also had a magnetic paper detection, all of a sudden I was back in junior high school, high school feeling, he is a great deal of research of young blood, he then rosewood card sets now almost mass produced. A year ago Rosewood think I made the card sets

3, life: his wife and children today, Qingdao to participate in piano competitions it, the way to go around, just after dinner encounter LG, told him casually mention things to mention children in Qingdao game, the boss asked me why I do not go with Qingdao accompany it ? Saying that it is not a lot of work to do, a lot to do during the transition period. That he wants to return to Qingdao to take some time, the body tired out, the body is the capital oh.

4, standard metal products, Hunan Science and Technology 20,180,801 smooth opening, opener, automatic mechanized production speed is also fast. Arts facie aluminum accessories site and found that Baidu normal collection, also gives the ranking, stumbled upon some reports: in metalworking, die-cast aluminum arts sector is still a little attention Oh, in case the current nationwide emphasis on preparation Industrial, or very oh concern.

Chinese metal processing network: Hunan product standard reports;

first die-cast network: Hunan product label die-casting and sand casting project put into operation in August;

Sohu public number:? Hunan product label die-casting and sand casting project put into operation in August,?

micro-channel public number: Hunan product standard reports;

5, the work: the number of classes will be open after feeling some hundreds of times, some things some things still have to pay attention to attention. A lot of learning during the transition period. People are complex creatures, often require a lot of brains, oh.

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