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The first three years of life 3

Saturday on May 30th, 2020Life


I take the exam in 2008.

College entrance examination papers in language, mathematics, English is the province's independent proposition, integrated science is a national. Mathematics Test province has always been the country hardest, not one. I have to say this thing on the Internet, but was the result of a lot of people ridiculed, it is difficult to say what volume of Shandong, which province or volume difficult. But they are only confined to their own circles, they think mathematics volume provinces he done, they think it is the hardest. However, I have done a lot Zhenti provinces. Take 2007 Zhenti Example: I do Beijing reel, 90 pay would answer; I do Shandong volume, answer 80 points; do Yunnan volume, answer me 120 extra points; do province of volume, answer 30 points. After the college entrance examination next afternoon, I met my school exams are usually a student in grades three former father. The uncle will be online, he said: "? I checked the Internet, a lot of online proposition experts are cursing our papers, out of the question too difficult, it is interesting."

So difficult mathematical papers, in the end I was able to test how many points do? Just finished about one week, he applied for.

Our province to implement Gufen apply. Day 3 or 4 days after the end of the entrance, we went to school to receive "the college entrance examination questions and suggested answers," this book. Then according to the answer to Gufen. Before the college entrance examination, we did a practice for Gufen. College entrance examination process, we will do their own answers written in pencil on the ticket, bring out the examination room after the copy in a book, in case you forget when Gufen myself what the answer is. At first we bought a lot of flat eraser, but the disadvantage is written in pen on the word, the printed word easily in other places. I remember my answer sheet on Indian language a little word, was very afraid to go wrong. And surveillance cameras at the other end might think that we cheat, the invigilator is let us write the answers on the ticket.

I Gufen when the estimated three times. The end result is that the total score between 395 to 410, other single subject Gufen write performance has been forgotten, just remember that mathematics is estimated to be 49 points. Why I remember it so clearly?

The mathematical structure of the papers I still remember. Choice 12, each of 5 points, I answer seven questions, 35 points in total; fill-4, 4 points each, I answer a question, a total of four points; behind the big issue 6, the former 5 questions each question 12 points, the last big question 14 points, a total of 74 points, and I just wrote the first five questions, and each question write only a little, it will not do, a big issue last word I did not write, because that idea at all. This five big questions, each question is estimated 2 points, a total of 10 points. The last estimate math score is 49 points.

Time of registration, I made reference to the 2007 two scores 433 points, three score 370 points to apply. My score is between 395 to 410, can not apply two. Since no special skills, and therefore can not apply in advance specialist. You can only apply for three and college. Three expensive tuition, between 10,000 to 26,000 Zaguomaitie afford to pay me, so can only apply for college.


Before the college entrance examination, we have to spend money to order the "entrance examination Window" magazine, which is the individual batches of school enrollment and the code of professional directories, books admissions over the years as well as a form of national universities in the province, along with probably 80 plus yuan. We refer to these books, school and professional codes by the "entrance examination window" code finalized at registration.

Registration is: send us an A3 paper, there is a large table above, are the candidates of each batch of columns, apply the corresponding batch can only fill in the corresponding column, each column has the name of the school, fill in the name and code of professional office, with a black pen to fill, there can be no alteration. Teacher for real-time monitoring, to avoid filling problems affecting applicants, so we are required to fill in the unified school class. Of course, also allows the outside fill to school, but the question arises ultimately affect the applicants is at your own risk. Since this form is prohibited altered, if wrong, can only get a new table rewriting. A limited number of tables, except that each person paid 1 part outside, only few spare tables, but this piece of paper can be copied. I remember a girl in my class, for the first time was wrong, the teacher brought there from the new table, went to the agency copy, print a. Results and wrong, then went to the agency a copy of the six copies, and later wasted after only a few written this table.

Apply for the case of each batch are: 2 undergraduate volunteers in advance, into first and second volunteer; early volunteer specialist 2, supra; one, two, three, the specialist is a first choice, 1 a second choice, six parallel voluntary. In the above volunteers, each volunteer can fill six professional, in order to fill these professionals, admission order for admission. Admission each batch sequence is to advance undergraduate admission, admission then specialist in advance, then an admission order, two, three, and tertiary. If the swap file first choice, second choice is admitted; second choice swap file, the parallel voluntary random admission. Each batch for the first time after the end of the admission, are used makeup for three days, three days, the first day of the voluntary reporting makeup, makeup volunteer upload the next day, the third day of admission.

After filling, all handwritten forms will need a good income, to get the teacher's office, on the computer to manually enter each student for each volunteer. At that time, the County Board of Education brought a mobile hard disk, there is the software above, which contains information for all students, all schools admissions catalog. Software installed on each teacher's computer, and then open the student's information on the computer, enter the code manually and professional schools which can automatically generate names and professional schools. Consistent with the structure of this form of hand-written version of the form.

After entry computer, all-volunteer not allowed to change again. Because you can not change after filling, so before completing the form, all students have to go home or for parents to come to school, students and parents to discuss, and after careful consideration and then be candidates. I reported before the election volunteer experience, will be covered in later.

I remember the day we had four people in the office to assist the voluntary entry. Someone is responsible for reading the code, the code was responsible for knocking on your computer. Then come and change. Form the class of 64 students, we entered a whole spent 3.5 hours. Some students clearly estimated scores can only apply for three, but still all the volunteers fill full, increasing the difficulty of entry. In fact, before the candidates, when we meet president to say on the playground, you do not own test well, but what happens on the Peking University, Tsinghua ah ah write these as voluntary entry was not easy.

After filling the next day, then print out a copy, let us sign it. If compared with their handwritten form with errors, the handwriting on this form, the teacher returned to the office to open the software to make changes. But we do not allow other changes. There are a few students apply for the class of professional is wrong for two reasons: The first is when we knock knock on the wrong code. Sometimes it is inevitable knock wrong, and because staring at the computer eyestrain can not be found; the second is the code of the corresponding software to provide professional, inconsistent with the "entrance examination window" registered professional, this time only to re-form handwriting, then the professional replaced, or inconsistent information, in case of admission is a problem, no one can be held accountable.

The next error registered students good teacher go back and change. On the third day to sign it again. This should be no problem. After the signing, the school will apply for all copies of all the information has been entered in a dedicated mobile hard disk, to the County Board of Education. County EDB will be introduced into the corresponding data system. At this time the school will then print out a form to apply for voluntary, bound together with other relevant information, into our personnel file.

After the candidates, we will keep the phone open, go home to wait for the college entrance examination results came out, and then wait for the results of admission. When we apply for, so fill in the phone number and landline number, must all be kept clear so as not to when we can not find any problems. At that time, my family gave me a tattered third-hand mobile phone, and a mobile phone card. At that time the most popular PHS, PHS network, but the cost is too high, they did not give me to buy.

After the closing of applicants after a week or so, the college entrance examination scores came out.


We apply this policy Gufen, in front of my entrance examination for many years in practice. Before this policy is to sign up after the examination, then the school needs to organize rigorous exams, students can determine how many points A, then apply the simulation test results. Gufen later changed to apply, than after the first newspaper to test some of the science. However, this model has a flaw, that there will be differences previously estimated score and the true score, volunteers reported partial easily, every year the emergence of such students. Later, in March 2014, the overwhelming news reports, since 2014, the province canceled Gufen apply, apply for the implementation of the points, that is, the score came out after the candidates, no longer print "Examination Questions and Reference Answers," this book . Meanwhile, Xingzhaokaoban plan to abolish the traditional hand-written first, and then apply for entry way off the computer, into a network of voluntary reporting, but in 2014 I asked the students to take the exam, they did not implement network reporting, then there is no longer to find out about.

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