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The first three years of life 6

Saturday on May 30th, 2020Life


Grandpa was a bad character, passed four children, affecting their lives and their education and upbringing of future generations. Genetic character anymore, but the physical condition was not genetic. My grandparents of four children, the body is not good, far less than their father. However, although bad, it is relatively good and bad points.

I, I, 1 meter tall and 7. Home in the mountains contracting, had such fruit, later made a hazelnut. Currently, my family's income by selling a little pear, hazelnut and sell a few extremely heavy to maintain. A few years ago, I was tired and out of emphysema, grandparents took twenty thousand dollars, I took some money and hospitalization. Now physically getting worse. I was the number of children in the best of health, but still far less than the grandfather.

My uncle, height 162cm, my physical condition than I am even close. Probably in 2000, his uncle fainted in the bathroom on the way. Go to the hospital, checked out of the pleural effusion, pleural effusion has drawn from a total of more than 1800 ml (if out of a one-time, can cause sudden intrathoracic pressure decreases, resulting in deaths). So many years, uncle alone raced from private grain to make a living, I can not go out to work.


My father, height 162cm, physical condition is the worst of several brothers and sisters.

Father 3 years old, suffering from a disease. Went to the county hospital, the doctor after a series of diagnostic, treatment can not make a diagnosis, the hospital untreated, grandparents hold him home.

At that time the hospital implementation of targeted therapy, which place of residence, can only go to the corresponding local hospital for treatment. Even went to other hospitals, clinics will be rejected. However, sadly, when the uneven level of medical situation already exists inside the city hospital treatment level is very advanced, but only for medical workers or oriented enterprise workers and their families. Hospital treatment behind county area level, but people have no choice but to go to their counterparts in the hospital for treatment.

Subsequently, there is a Chinese medicine into view grandparents. Try holding the attitude, they put their two sons hold to the traditional Chinese medicine at home. The traditional Chinese medicine, my father had acupuncture treatment. Soon recovered.

However, his father's body has been good. My father suffering from kidney stones when young, and often can not be completely confirmed with the disease, physical weakness. That time, the school's homework is not heavy, the children of rural families are to be worked in the fields. Mountain firewood, pick wild vegetables, etc., are all children to attend. According to the old village, the villagers talk, grandparents and other children out to work when my father at home, lying down. Grandma every day to give him boil medicine, from snacks to big.


Mother's family, I mentioned in "Grandma's funeral," serialized in the series, but the character of this piece about family members, until now, I have not to write in detail. Here I describe what probably, more detailed information will tell me in "Grandma's funeral," the next section.

Grandmother character, and my grandfather is similar. What my grandmother thought, how other people want to do, she did not say. However, if the family did not follow her unspoken thoughts, my grandmother would use violence against them, verbal and physical. Different point is that my grandfather and grandmother, the grandmother at the outside and deal with others, perhaps not as mind like Grandpa.

Grandpa control of their children, mainly by verbal scold. Control of most children's grandmother, mainly by whining and beaten.

Grandmother grandfather looked down upon, because my grandfather has always been sickly. During the production team, the family went to the commune labor, my grandfather always buy medicine, medicine. Once my grandfather's father particularly competent, but 58 years after the death of the grandmother I never think much of my grandfather.

Mother was beaten grandmother from the urine, which are described in the "Grandmother's Funeral". Mother childhood hurt, leading to distorted personality, but not only that, a grandmother yet the entire six children in five, have cultivated a nagging, self-righteous, manipulative extremely strong, bad temper, does not consider the feelings of others, is not justified forgive ...... etc. these personality. Especially the grandmother of three daughters, the very strong performance of these personalities, the most serious is that I Hongli, followed by my mother and aunt.


Grandparents came to the northeast of here, done live in large communal dining hall that he planted tobacco, corn, vegetables and so on, save some money. The disintegration of the commune, the production team after the dissolution of the youth point, they bought the former youth trip point room. Behind the house is on the hill, with the grandfather then? Head a little bit to open the mountain, buy fruit trees, planted on the apple, cherry, plum (ie cape gooseberry) and so on. Grandpa's very good physical condition, but also the age of seventy one hand clinging to 100 pounds sacks, that work is still died the same day, in the evening after sudden illness, the village people are shocked by his death.

Grandparents and my four great grandfather (my grandfather's brothers and uncles parent) family relations. At that time, the four young grandfather who lives beside the point, they belong to the neighbors. Four short of money to build a house and Grandpa, Grandma directly to their home 200 dollars. 200 dollars that time, if the cost to build a house to count, at least 80,000 is now engaged. Grandma purpose of doing so, took a fancy to a four-grandmother's old sister, hope they can introduce her to my father.

Four grandpa grandfather understanding of their home deep. At that time the village have other people understand each other more, not to mention the neighbors. As a result, four grandpa took out the 200 dollars Well, did not the old grandmother of four sister introduced me to his father, but introduces others.

The first girl to be introduced, considered the father grew frail, can not be brought up to work, not to mention the future, so I do not agree to meet with his father. Later married a family surnamed Wang.

The second girl was introduced to the same reason to refuse, and later married one of my distant uncle (my grandfather aunt's grandson). Her sister a few years ago my family moved to the upper house, the neighbors become my home.

The third girl was introduced, agreed. After the two men met together to go downtown to buy a few pieces of clothing. Then they ate a meal in the area of ??the city. They point to eat dumplings is. Father of the man, when together with their closest people do things for their own interests, and never consider the feelings of others, we need to meet even let others wronged themselves. This is from eating out have shown above. At that time, most of the points are so dumplings to eat their own father, no longer cared for the girl. Upon his return, the girl with the family say this thing that can not get along with such people even get married. Then the clothes to send back. Later these clothes to wear my aunt.

The fourth girl was introduced, she is my mother.


Grandmother family of performance, and the performance of the family, like my grandfather, in particular will be installed in front of outsiders, even outsiders can not see inside of this discord. But back home, everything is visible.

Here, I just probably tells this part of the background, the details of this part, I will be described in the "grandmother's funeral," the next section.

No fancy mother and grandmother grew up. Even it can be shown from the face. Mother, child, home to a fortune teller who will. A man speaks: "You are never spotted two girl ah, you are most rare is the youngest ah, from your face can see what are the two live girl, delicious tastes are. for the whole family, your little girl. "grandmother heard this, impatient to go to the outhouse.

Grandma told mother said: I will let you marry 20-year-old man, do not think you can like your sister 25-year-old young lady to get married. When the four proposed introduction to grandma grandpa objects, and the other was graduating from high school, my grandmother was overjoyed. After his father heard the case, the mother refused to meet.

But the grandmother eager to marry off her second daughter, took strong mother to our village and my father met. On that day, always punctual passenger cars, but unexpectedly late, outside the station waiting more than two hours have not seen the car disappeared. Mother ran back, was pulled over tough grandmother, back, delayed more than two hours of small passenger cars came, she was brought to our village to meet.

After returning home, the mother of the grandmother said, do not agree. Reasons: First, my father is short, poor health, the infirm, the future can not work; the second is that the village is not open to traffic (not open to traffic until today), remote places. Then mother and a village girl to go shovel the production team.

Four then went to his grandmother grandpa propose marriage. Grandma did not take into account the feelings of the mother, agreed to the marriage. Mother came home, I heard that my grandmother had agreed to the marriage, the mother is very angry. Grandma said: "The good people at home, good people, is a short point, you give a tetra next steps you!" Things came back to the village on word of mouth, (mother's nickname) at the object, and the high school graduation, he seems to be enjoying. Mother forced to marry over.

Such parents are met, married.

When his mother married here four grandpa mother, grandfather cursed the four meal: "They give you 200 dollars to build a house, you give him an object, you do not lose that conscience niece ah, but you brought this tire?! on the sick, not a small point, so many years you did not see if he can work it, you do not let people come to suffer it on your conscience flies down it ...... ";?? none of my old village his wife (the evening of 22 March 2019 death of 60-year-old) table wives my mother said: "you come to the village that day, I'll conclude is to suffer, and these are feeling the village head long large, who does not know who "; my aunt (my my wife, who later became his ex-wife) my mother said:." your house that (my father's nickname), insist on the wrong things against their conscience He said to be right, it may be enough for you to choke ah. "......

Six years later, I was born in this family.

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