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The first three years of life (15)

Monday on March 30th, 2020Life


When I was sixth grade, after several years of treatment, lung disease basically good, then appeared heart disease. Junior high school I went to the field, can not continue to receive treatment Xia Dafu there, only to spend the expensive medical expenses, go to the city hospital treatment level.

The first day of military training in the morning, I will because physical discomfort caused by heart disease, and early termination of military training. His father came to school, I went to City Hospital with a check. Do not think 'Hospital of "pure Chinese medicine clinic, the" in "means" center. " The reason is not called "Central Hospital" because we have the "Central Hospital," the hospital (referred to as the "City Court"), due to geographical isolation, generally do not go to the hospital.

In Chinese medicine hospital, my father took me to do an electrocardiogram, cardiac B-ultrasound. Then called B ultrasound, color Doppler ultrasound is not as black and white. B-can emit sound outside.

ECG relatively smoothly, a long strip of paper printed that read diagnostic results. The original diagnosis, then I do not remember, just remember two results mean: sinus tachycardia, irregular heart rate. Tachycardia performance that beats per minute in 120+; the performance of irregular heart rate, heart beat a few times each, will stop beating once or twice.

B-do is not so smooth. Hospital only a B-room, pull over 120 throughout the morning to give patients check in the afternoon if there are 120 patients, but also give priority inspection. Therefore, the doctor told me the afternoon to check. At noon, my father took me to a simple dined outside, waiting for the afternoon they rafts team. When the afternoon we arrived at the B-room, the door locked. So for a while, a patient carried away from the house, the body cast, has died. After a while, he carried away a patient, although the color is not good, but fortunately he was still alive. Then, the doctor informed me in check.


When B-ultrasound, I looked up and I can see that the heart was beating fast. Large B-meter screen, the doctor will occasionally turn on the sound, hear the beating sound a little frightening. I do not know how to simulate the sound is out.

Even I can see, the law of my heart beating is not entirely rule. Doctors diagnosed a moment later, the diagnosis is issued, there is no structural heart problems, irregular heart rate, tachycardia.

After seeing the doctor-patient diagnosis, let me go to the hospital outpatient infusion every day. The father said to the doctor, I was out to school every day is not convenient to go to the infusion. The doctor then gave me 90 dollars of drugs. These drugs are divided into two parts: one part is usually eat, it is part of the body feel uncomfortable when eating. It was early September 2002. Later I learned that this part of the money is borrowed.

Back to school, I check the results to the teacher. This is related to my question ahead of the end of military training, because this is not just a false invited. After each meal, I have to eat several drugs. Medicine on the table by my cave, take medicine when I direct it out on the table.


Heart disease, doing calisthenics and does not cause physical discomfort. Usually, when there was little physical discomfort. Therefore, the doctor gave me medicine part open, I have the impression ate only once. This part of the illness when it is to eat the medicine, traditional Chinese medicine. I do not remember what medicine.

That, I seem to be some discomfort, but I forgot the circumstances of the particular case. From small to large, my parents, especially mothers, then a high voice loudly stressed: "Western medicine can not eat one!" Some traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, do not eat one. But they do not have the ability to distinguish, my child, and there is no resolution. So, after I finished the medicine, over two hours to eat traditional Chinese medicine.

Because for the first time to the field, coupled with physical illness, because of the fact that I have been suffering from various diseases and ridicule around the students, dormitory students also bullied me, so I am particularly helpless. As for how they taunt me, how can bully me, wait until later, when I wrote the study life, will be described in detail. In helpless, I am homesick. Too many people want around the home. The school has two IC card telephone, IC card I used the phone to home phone call.

I feel uncomfortable in the day, at night when I call home, I referred to this matter, and explained that I eat Chinese medicine in the two hours after eating. The phone's mother, on the phone, shouted: "This child, who told you that eating traditional Chinese medicine than two hours to eat the one who told you not to eat the child how this happen, what's your problem on the Well?? ? ah? it does not make people worry too child, this child really, ...... "

My mother had wanted to seek comfort, comfort me because of physical discomfort and heart trouble, the result was swore on the phone, and then the mother hung up the phone. I hung up the phone, lined up behind the students hurry, I said, "Wait a minute", I gave the family played in the past, the family did not answer my phone.

At this point, I even more helpless. Hung up the phone and walked away. Tears in the eyes round and round, I felt like crying. See other students, both boys and girls, to call home side edges cry, and I do not know whom to cry. Even the parents have abandoned me from the heart, in that uninformed environment, but also a variety of side taunt, bully, whom I have to go tell.


On one occasion, inform the class teacher, record the number of heartbeats per minute per person. We own, in accordance with the instant quartz clock hanging in front of the classroom, hold a finger on the pulse of the wrist, manually observed, and reported to the students in the class record. My impression is not recorded classmates squad, and it is one that is good at mocking my people, wealthy man named Bao (a pseudonym).

At that time, the number of heartbeats other students in about 80 to 90, which is consistent with this age of physical fitness. However, in my impression, my heart rate seems to be 122, I direct the audacity to tell the wealthy treasure, I was 122. She said: "Well, it 122 122 ah?."

In winter, under snow over, ran into a gymnastics exercise. Around the periphery of the playground, in the cement on the way to class as a unit running. This is my embarrassing places. Approved by the class teacher, ran the operation when I stay in the classroom cleaning. School attendance will be strictly checked class run operation, met leaders to check with a vicious tone snapped: "Why do not you speak to run it?" I can only cowardly, said:. "I have a heart."


One afternoon two days, the school organized a medical examination. Our class teacher will be divided into several teams, each go to different places to check a different project, the team where I first inspection of the project, called the step test.

At that time very few steps, only one. Only one person tested, about 3 minutes. With walking up and down with the music, and then measured the heart rate index finger extends into the machine. After two or three people would turn to perform in front of me.

Right after I finished step test, and soon I was black eyes, dizzy. After the step test, I no later tests, but the rest back to the classroom. They said I looked pale. Class classmates kindly let me go home and rest. At that time, the mother had come read with their parents. Specific read with their parents through, he explained later. After a break in the classroom, I regained some strength, leading scorer in the students, I went downstairs, this time the teacher came back. Teacher looked at me and touched my hand, I found my hand is cold. Students sent me downstairs, I supported myself, and slowly back to the rental house there.

Just got home, I saw the mother, the first sentence is: "? How come you came back." I did not say anything, my mother saw his face, afraid. I lay on the kang, rest. That night, my body is recovered the next day they go to the normal school.


When the new broadcast gymnastics release, the school will arrange closed, led by physical education teacher, repeated practice. At that time, the above Department of Education to each school paid a lot of this tape, the tape front and back are all music broadcast gymnastics, then once again, we have to follow the tape over and over again to practice. At that time the exercise is "youthful vigor," Broadcast gymnastics this has been done high school, other schools self broadcast gymnastics, although replaced, only need to practice a set, rather than the primary school should learn at least two per year sets of radio gymnastics.

I remember when the broadcast gymnastics practice, if done more than five or six times in a row, I will quietly alleviate some amount of labor. Such as "youthful vigor" fourth among boys and girls is not the same as action, and the characteristics of our boys and girls will be in action, and to reduce the exercise intensity.

First day of a winter run operation, I perceived physical situation has been restored, they go out with classmates ran around together. After finish the lap, the fear of the body, I went back to the classroom. After running the operation, the class teacher came in and said: today we followed Shududu lap, should be encouraged.

After two days of winter run operation, when my body allows, I ran; the other seasons of calisthenics every day I have participated. At that time the situation is better than when the first day even though some of, but I'm afraid it's getting serious. I not only have to endure the ravages of the disease caused by the body, but also to home to worry about my treatment endless bickering after spending a lot of money and caused me mental torture.

Spend money to see a doctor, there are too many from the grandmother and grandmother borrowed. When they feel no face to go to borrow money when they let me borrow. In order to see a doctor, the parents let me go to grandma house to borrow a thousand dollars. When I went to grandma house, made me want to see a doctor, to borrow a thousand dollars, the grandmother said nothing, went to the front door smoking squatting on the ground; Hongli silent. Second uncle, Sanjiu not at home, what my grandfather did not say. That night, Grandma let two uncle to chase foreign debt, to come back a thousand dollars of external debt, lent me. This is a thousand dollars, there are entire money hundred fifty, there are a lot of piece of the Pentagon money.

A junior high school grade, since some diseases, I been treated in the old Chinese surnamed off there, the effect is significant. However, Guan Chinese medicine for the treatment of heart disease is not good.

Junior high school in those years, I conducted a few times in the Hospital of the review, several treatments, there is some recovery, but still can not be cured. I forget at the end or the end of the first two days of the test, I had a ECG. The results showed that the heart rate is about 110 times per minute heartbeat remains a regular stop jumps few few state, the shape of the electrocardiogram above, was a wavy line, a straight line section, and then a period of the wavy line, and then a straight line section, each wavy line are basically the same length, the length of each line are basically the same, the wavy line slightly longer than the straight line.

The summer of 2014, my parents and I heard on the radio, there is a hospital in the provincial capital treatment is launching "extraordinary meridian therapy". "Extraordinary meridian therapy," the inventor of the patient to answer questions in a telephone interview radio show. This program is the province with other provinces radio stations jointly launched. At first, the province is the first radio connection, and later other provinces have access to half-way connection program. I have heard of this program Hongli, I suggested I go try. Father to the program group call not get through, but we decided, according to the hospital in an address broadcast program, personally went to see what happens.

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