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Macau trip

Friday on May 8th, 2020Life

Living so many years in Guangdong, I have not been to Hong Kong and Macao, really ashamed, I think where are the same, after all, own the best place to live. But this time go to Macau to play is also very happy, my relatives and my wife are visited several times, and I just followed it wants to go. In fact, the feeling of Macao environment is still quite good, people are very friendly, developed the gambling industry, a lot of places to shop, but too many tourists, Macau road is relatively narrow, in addition, feel good.

The first I drove so far from me, and to Zhuhai Hengqin Port, full speed probably more than two hours, I'm exhausted.

Here is the Hengqin Port, near parking lot, seems to be closed for one day $ 60, with respect to the flow of people here who Beaconsfield, not so much, customs clearance faster.

He first went to the Venetians, many foreigners, not many photographs, the only Tucao is really too cold air conditioning.

Ruins of St. Paul and then went to Lisboa, this should be regarded as the center of the bar.

20:00 and more clearance, few good people, back to the local, eat a snack, more than 11 points at home, day trip was quite substantial.

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