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Wife cooks,beard is bald.

Sunday on July 18th, 2021Life

my wife was in a good mood and made both dinner and breakfast for me.
the sneak attack with bald beard makes it difficult for me to guard against. It seems that I will enter the health-preserving stage ahead of time. Ha ~
is it the same as my taste? friends who like to eat lotus mist, please raise your hand ~

wife cooks

because I usually go to my mother for dinner, it is rare to open the stove at home. It has been about a month since my wife cooked at home.

Today, my wife's interest is very high. She's going to cook on a hot day. My wife has a habit of cooking. She doesn't like people staying around. She's very happy and doesn't need my help to sit and wait for dinner. Ha

Tomato and dragon fish soup, cold and fat lamb rolls, lettuce Fried rice balls with poached ham and eggs

although my wife hasn't cooked a few times, she thinks about it again with video studies, but it's really like that, at least it's not as dark as the food in those funny videos. After several attempts by my wife to improve it, there are also several specialty dishes such as tomato longli fish soup, braised beef, handbag rice balls, etc., which taste really good.

Why is the beard bald

I don't usually take care of myself. Today, I suddenly found a bald block on the right side of my beard when I looked in the mirror. Baidu doesn't have a particularly reasonable explanation for bald beard. It may be mental stress or testosterone deficiency.

after reading these articles, I checked from head to toe and found that my hair, eyebrows, hairs and leg hairs are all alive. I think about why I haven't felt a lot of pressure recently, and I haven't found out the direct cause yet.

I'm inexplicably bald.

the only thing I can think of that makes me nervous is that I love to turn over after I fall asleep, always waking my wife. But I really didn't want to affect her, but I was completely out of control when I fell asleep, and I woke up to lose my temper many times in the morning. Let me feel very guilty, every morning to see her angry, I am also quite helpless, maybe the sofa is my final destination.

in the second case, it is most likely that I have played too many games and stared at the computer for too long. Maybe my body is reminding me that it is time to have a good rest when I am tired.

the third case, once had acne or shaving wound, these two situations don't seem to have happened recently, so I can't figure it out.

starting from today, go to bed early and get up early, eat regularly, eat a light diet, adjust your state of mind, and then observe.

small expensive fruit: Lotus mist

A few days ago, I found a lotus fruit very much to my taste. I asked my mother to take a look at the fruit store when she went shopping. Maybe it's not delicious, and the buyers buy very little. The only orchard on sale is a hundred orchards, but it hasn't been very fresh for a long time.

I bought four in the box at night. The price was 20 yuan for a box of 200 grams, and the total price was 50 yuan for a catty. The price of the fruit was not big, but the price was not small. Later, I simply bought a box on Taobao for 60 yuan for 5 jin, which was only 12 yuan per jin.

The lotus mist bought on Taobao

between the two, except for the poor size and sweetness of the fruit, the price of the horse is definitely higher than that of the horse bought by Taobao, and the quality of the horse is definitely higher than that of the horse bought by Taobao. Why is there such a big difference between the same fruits?

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