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Hackintosh gigabyte B85M D3V+I5 4460+GT960

Monday on January 11th, 2021Life

after several days of tossing and turning, I finally toss about the Hackintosh (Black Apple) of my desktop at home. It's no big problem to use it as a productivity tool on a daily basis. Now I'm waiting for the drive-free BCM94360CD network card to arrive, and then I can use the two functions of Airdrop Handoff with pleasure.

  • Machine configuration:
    Motherboard: gigabyte B85M D3V A
    CPU:I5 4460
    Video Card: NVIDIA GTX960 2G
    memory: Kingston 16G DDR3 1777MHz
    Network Card: BCM94360CD (not yet available)
  • Hackintosh (Black Apple) version:
    macOS High Sierra 10.13.6
  • the reason for choosing this version is that the highest Hackintosh driver of the N card is supported to this version, and the later version N card is equivalent to being obsolete. Wait for the opportunity later or on the A card, you can support to the latest macOS Big Sur.

    when messing with the old version of the system, it is important to note that during installation, change the installation time to the release time of the version of your installation system, so as not to prompt the error of out-of-date resources.

  • the video card NVIDIA GTX960 has been driven at this stage:
  • graphics card
  • sound card (built-in, Bluetooth)
  • memory (Kingston correct identification)
  • USB (custom USB port)
  • network card (wired Nic)
  • sound card (built-in, Bluetooth)
  • Can run all over broadband)
  • switch keys,
  • sleep (only chassis keys can wake up temporarily after sleep, mouse and keyboard can not wake up)
  • Bluetooth (temporarily external USB Bluetooth module)
  • solid state, mechanical hard disk
  • icloud
  • drop every other
  • keyboard
  • mouse
  • other.
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