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Often childlike hope

Saturday on August 15th, 2020Life

I remember the first year of junior high school language textbook first article is excerpted from works Qing Dynasty writer Shen Fu "Lin Yutang leisure Ji Qu" and "playful" is a classical piece, length is very short, but very interesting concentrated:

When Yu Yi childish, to arrogance towards Japan, perspicacious, see Miaoxiao things will scrutinize its texture, so when interesting things outside.

Summer mosquito into mine, intended for private dance group of cranes in the air, to the heart, then by thousands or hundreds, indeed a Crane; head of view, the strengths whom. And left element in mosquito tent, Xu sprayed with smoke, so that the red forma and smoke, as Albatron crane concept, such as fruit dicey Drive, whom contend cheering.

I often bump in the walls at the flower bed at the motley grass, squat body, so that the table together; looking hard fine view to Congcao for the forest to pests as the beast, who was raised with boulders Hill, who is recessed sink , fugue where peace of mind.

One day, see m-worm fighting grass, view, Xing is strong, suddenly there is a monster, Nukiyama down from the tree, build a toad, a spit and tongue to make the best of the two worms swallow. I young, party trance, feel it and then surprised. God will, to catch the frog, dozens of whip, drive the other homes.

Today, from the first contact with this article it has been almost eleven years. After work, the joys of life becomes less and less, does not mean no fun, just think on the past can make people happy and then put things look now, it will feel much fun. I wonder if this is because the more rational understanding of things, or the life also have a little numb?

Some time ago, I gave the relationship between work and life set a tone, that is: work is work, life is life, the two must not be mixed together. After practicing for some time, I found that this is very good, the work on the good work, do not put the life of trivia to the work, after work a good life, not in the mood to work brought to life . Although sometimes can not be avoided both mingled together, but are in the minority time and I hope to do better in the future.

Sometimes think, What is it? Work to realize their own ideals and aspirations of the platform it is actually not, or have the same place between work and career, but the work must not be equated with the cause. If you work as a cause of their struggle, we will be tired, if only to work as part of the cause, would be very easy, because the cause is not just a simple work only. Work is nothing more than the labor force is converted into reward pathways fills the cause is difficult, but the work is very simple. Be understood in the sky will clear up. So live it, what is it? About life, really no way to define. Because everyone has their own way of life, or reluctance, or frustration, then nothing more than to live the day day. Everyone will have their own pursuit, in different sectors of people will have different goals, we are full of longing for the future, even if the road is different, but we all want to own, but also hope that their relatives and friends can be a good time every day.

Taste of life very different, and this is where the fun secret. Some people like to play games, some people like to cook, some people like to go out riding ...... such a wonderful world is too big, there are too many things, too much fun, everyone can find that happiness points of their own. Even the happiness for some people is still some distance, but also because of this, we also have hope in life, the power struggle. For already they have their own in terms of the happiness of man, not because we would like to become a rational understanding of things and lost the joy. It will not change the identity and status of the lost perception of this fun.

Is the most primitive childlike innocence, is derived from natural and integration in nature. We would like the future pleasure are true and valuable, close to nature.

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