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Emei tour return

Thursday on August 13th, 2020Life

Some time ago to make up classes finished, leaving free time away from school for five days, and thus, it is a high-speed straight down into the music along, first to the former residence of Guo Sandy Bay, then went to Mount Emei.

The first day to the Bay, eat bowls of local specialties beef soup pot. This is nothing soup pot, should be called white boiled beef appropriate, with celery and parsley, moistened dish, the taste is very good!

Moruo night in Dadu Square side of tea to play, I think there are biased in favor of snacks sour taste, pour the beginning is not very accustomed to, eat delicious mouth a few times, or to accept, ha ha.

The next morning departure left the Bay came to Mount Emei feet, into the Temple. Then lunch, then drove up the hill, directly Lei Dongping parking lot, then climb the ladder is walking forward to the golden dome. Finally the sun went down we arrived at the Golden Summit!

Although still summer, but temperatures on the mountain is great variety. Peak temperatures enough people put on a jacket and a military coat, the most tragic is to the top of the hill because it is no vacation mountain hotel accommodation up! So Chiba Fan went to go on the stars, along the way there are people who tent, thin mountain air, the stars have become naturally more up, I was most excited about is that I saw the Milky Way, is a strong area of ??cloud-like star band. There are bright stars of the moment thing across the sky, I do not know if this is a meteor or satellite, in short, it is so beautiful!

Five o'clock the next morning we got up to watch the sunrise over, and finally work pays off, my first time in Emei Jinding taste of the mountain to see the sunrise and sea of ??clouds wonderful scene, the kind of excitement is indescribable , is so beautiful!

And later went to the Wannian Temple, Mount Emei is one of the only royal temple, because once the Emperor Wanli's mother is here Praying for Children, and vowed if able to conceive and successfully inherit the throne Dragon was built a thousand years back thousands of years the temple does not collapse, there will be a result of today's Temple years.

Climb a mountain, or a summary, is climbing too tired, but to learn to persevere, we must learn to accept the challenge. Because, infinite in the awesome scenery!

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