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Went to the test when the year

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

Yesterday in the test is over, what was written in the exam today, I would have been ready to write last night, but outside drinking too much alcohol, go home wash sleep!

I not experienced their own entrance, so there is no kind of feeling. He is to participate in the test in 1997, are now in the past 22 years, 22 years!

Time in the past 22 years, they have experienced in the test can only vaguely remember bit by bit, the biggest impression is that you can ride to the county! We remember as a child that is still relatively backward, only one train a day to the county, the county can go the night before the excitement will not sleep all night. Another point impressed me most is to eat good stuff! Their own money to pay for meals, a few days in Kaunas natural meat and fish every day can be a. I do not remember what year, but also in the examination, a mass poisoning school students to eat outside, twenty or thirty children to the hospital linked to the water, the principal has also been removed from office.

97 years is a small hotel with no air conditioning, the room remember that we live in a dozen boys and children, are sleeping on the floor on top of the mat. The head of a large ceiling fan in that turn, next to lit mosquito coils. Which as it is now, live in hotels, air-conditioned open, very comfortable!

I learned a serious side branches, partial physics and chemistry. Physical, chemical and classmates end test answers, and that they can know how many points exam. And 97 of that year super hard Mathematics Test, 120 points of its own exam papers 112 points, while other very good student achievement in math that seems to have no more than 100 points. It is also difficult because of the large papers math, math above was divided up for the lack of English scores, total score in excess of the normal school scores. That year the school will obtain five normal school, which I have a boy.

The eighties and nineties, when the test results good students would choose not to read the Normal School High School. Because the normal three-year package is assigned job, and that is to get the iron rice bowl. Since the distribution of work packages, which will go to the selected high school, high school after three years do not know the future will be like! Teachers do not take the exam students will choose to go to high school. Now the test should be no children to choose the Normal School, the high school will read, read a three-year fight to college! Times have changed!

I hope the kids can test a success!

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