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Summary of 2010

Thursday on August 13th, 2020Life

Time to enter the year 2011, the 2010 has become history. But in the past year, large and small things that happen around me still immersed in the recall. For me, 2010 was a very unusual year, is one not to forget the year. Or we can say, in my opinion, 2010 was a watershed in my growing up. 2010 happened too many things ......

The most profound is that unconsciously, I came to the IT sector, this world is so wonderful!

In early 2010, the end of the first semester of high school, in the choice of liberal arts and science of decision-making, I look to the Chinese culture. Precisely because of this, we add a new class. For some reason, I dispute also affects a person's family relationships. This is really a great loss, professional trick really is immeasurable. Today, I also tangled ......

With the opening of the World Cup in South Africa, we also spent a few memorable bedroom at night, looking at playing on only 240 * 320 pixel screen live video is not clear, it is excited. Now remember really have some fun of it, as if the general vividly yesterday. I have been really optimistic about Spain finally won, I still remember when there is a "Paul" cool moment, but recently died. Ha ha ha ......

In order to inherit and develop traditional Chinese culture, the establishment of the People's Republic of China Ministry of Civil Affairs has not yet been recognized by three trees Traditional Culture League. Perhaps the "alliance" word it, so Tencent and Sina blog space has always prompt sensitive words when made the article, or else inexplicable was deleted. Because of this, it inspired my determination to establish an independent website, my first website is the official website of three trees League of traditional culture, but also their own web pages with FrontPage personally written. Oh, really pride wells ah ......

In this way, access to the IT sector, but also for China's Internet environment with a deep understanding and experience. How should I say, different societies, different times, different policies will have it. The same is true for the Internet, this is not a comment more. With interest, we have established a community and Guanghan Shu tribe, in the process, I also came into this personal blog, really amazing! Just like a dream, I know nothing about the Internet a year ago, only know to play point web games, chat QQ point of novices gradually understand what is open source, what is PHP, MySql ...... understand what is the Baidu and Google gap, the gap between China and foreign countries.

Unfortunately, most Chinese people can not use the world's most advanced network technology, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Wikipedia, etc., such as full support for the Chinese world-class excellent website. Have to say this is a national tragedy, not yet formed in this so-called "third technological revolution", the Chinese people has left behind! So let's not walls, to Paizhuan!

The Expo summer tour, I went myself have been to the easternmost land. Shanghai is not on the case, but just a little story, completely indifferent to interpersonal communication. I am most puzzled as to why the Pudong and Puxi's such a big difference, the former is the latter advanced behind? But people are really warm and kindly Puxi, Pudong That is what a young man loaded B, SB is even has a (forgive my anger words). In my opinion, you can make a conclusion on the Shanghai: Shanghai rich, Shanghai people have no money! But why Shanghai people like to use coins instead of bills like, I'm still tangled.

Then again later domestic anti-Japanese sentiment, there have been all over the scale ranging from demonstrations, of course, the small town where I also appeared in the so-called discordant activities. So, our school combined with the mystery of the relevant departments to do some puzzling things I want to say mixed so cowardly it? Thus implicated out of 3Q war, I have been skeptical of government in order to ease anti-Japanese sentiment and deliberately planned arrangements director of farce, as to the truth, we do not know. Just guessing nothing, huh, huh.

In 2010 the last day of junior high school have learned the lesson "My Ditan," the author along with Mr. Shi Tiesheng 2010 ...... go with his indomitable spirit, it will deeply affect generation after generation.

My 2010 is an extraordinary year of middle age, but tangled. I understand a lot of truth, seen through a lot of things can still tangled depressed.

Finally, I wish you all a happy New Year ......

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