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Sad, but also to class

Thursday on August 13th, 2020Life

That's the date ah! No. 12 August, tonight is beginning to class, pit father na!

Hot day, summer vacation, why should the summer holidays, because the summer heat is not suitable for teaching, along with the rest. But you loophole, do makeup, engage in charge, by the third year can be carried out under the guise of making up to extract money, these sacred cause of education has brought about a trifling matter, you become an important source of additional income!

Education is not enough to go out like this, how many students will be destroyed. Inside of education they receive, they all become mathematics, English, chemistry, geography, about the dedication, the principle people doing things has not been the slightest guide, I think this is why now society is so bad faith - the failure of education in previous decades.

Maybe now I do not like this kind of education to change the pattern of change, but I believe that people with lofty ideals work together to make a little move, I think China's education will change.

Education, should face the future, not just for the ruling class. Education, to face the world, not just limited to the Central Plains. Education, for the modernization and not a trace of rigid unchanged. Whenever anything, but also a change in a changing and constantly adapt to the new environment and form, so that he will have vigor, will have a momentum of development!

School myself, on to the chant, anyway, long time no see holiday classmates, it was just -

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