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His wife's iPhone XS

Thursday on June 4th, 2020Life

Recently my wife want to change phones, 6S to upgrade from the iPhone XS, upgrade from 64G to 256G, presumably this capacity should be enough, right? Does not require dual card dual standby, do not like too much of the screen, so the iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max is not considered, but only a thin XS and XS Max 900 yuan, I prefer XS Max, this is the first time in Apple's official website on purchase Apple products, everything is going well, two days hand.

The screen is very stunning, there are a lot of new operating practices need to learn, play a day still feel my iPhone 7 skilled and 10.3.3 is not slow, had to buy a MacBook Pro, but unfortunately once again wasted, only take a look at the next year, year after year ah, ha ha!

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