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Party An is the father

Sunday on January 3rd, 2021Life

Tonight I received a scheduling design. At the beginning, Party A sent a request for typesetting of words and pictures. I thought it was so simple and naive to get a hundred pieces easily. I just finished handing in the manuscript until now. I changed it at least N times before and after, which is completely different from the requirements at the beginning. Well, I put up with it for money. Haha!

this time, Party A's father asked to make a network propaganda page map, and the other party provided text and pictures. I typeset and designed the background elements. At first, everything went normally. Unexpectedly, after the third submission, the other party asked to do a DM single page promotional map, provided the material, and then designed it by himself. Later, it became more and more unhealthy. He was still talking about adding money. For money's sake, there was nothing unbearable. I can bear to change it a few more times. Haha, the manuscript is finally handed in.

Today is New Year's Day's last day off. New Year's Day's vacation is coming to an end before he starts. It seems that New Year's Day will not want to have a holiday this year.

recently, I have been particularly busy. There is no problem at the front end of the new company, and things at the back end have not been properly handled. Sometimes there are too many shareholders, not one mind, and it is also very difficult to do business. Now we all talk about it. We should go to play by ourselves. Don't come to the company to tell us what to do. Just look at the final performance, and don't worry about anything else. The key now is to straighten out the things at the back end before the year. We can fight a beautiful battle in the coming year.

recently, the first building has been officially settled. Jinke's clear water room feels good. Hardcover simply can't bear to look directly at it. I have to tear it down and renovate it. I don't know what the hardcover room in other cities is like. Except for Evergrande's house accident, the hardcover rooms of other developers are all the same. Yellow vitrified brick, Chinese-style door, door frame, push open door, how to get ugly, switch panel cheapest Schneider, bull and so on, the quality is really not flattering, only the kitchen smoke machine stove is OK, the boss or Mrs. Fang, other wall treatment ah do not want to say, no wonder many pages bought hardcover regret, to enjoy.

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