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Nucleic acid detection based on gis

Tuesday on August 3rd, 2021Life

Uncle Chen received an urgent notice from the unit that he must do nucleic acid testing on the same day. This mutated virus is not to be underestimated. The Shanghai government is very strict in controlling the virus this time, and it seems to be another tough battle.

novel coronavirus infection source

the case is a foreign cargo aircraft service worker in the cargo area of Pudong Airport, male, 53 years old, whose occupation is a pilot, responsible for closed-loop transportation of foreign cargo aircraft crew in Pudong Airport. The place of residence in Shanghai is the Xinyuan Xiyuan District, Huaxia second Road, Chuanshaxin Town, Pudong New area.

the case was routinely tested for nucleic acid on July 21 and July 28, and the results were both negative.

Epidemiological investigation showed that the case did not leave Shanghai within 14 days. In addition to his workplace and place of residence, he visited Yonghe Dawang (Miaojing Road Store), Gong Nong Hotel (Qiao Jia Nong No. 8-10) and other places. At present, the above places have been closed management and final disinfection.

comes from the official account of the News Workshop

Total nucleic acid detection

yesterday afternoon, I heard from a colleague that Yuanxiyuan District in Sichuan Shaxin was blocked, and an employee of other teams was also blocked in the district.

until I woke up in the morning, I saw several messages in the group about the epidemic situation of my colleagues.

then I received a notice at 10:00 in the morning asking me to go to the hospital immediately for nucleic acid testing.

in fact, this is not the first time. At the beginning of the epidemic, some employees were sealed in the village, and it was not yet safe to survive the worst period of the epidemic.

you still have to face things with a good state of mind, and now the level of treatment is very high, so you don't have to be afraid at all, otherwise you won't get sick and scare yourself to death.

nasopharyngeal swab collection

wait in line for half an hour and collect for ten seconds.

throat collection: painless

nose collection: ingredients that may contain alcohol or potions, have invasive irritation to the mucosa, and have a very strong sense of discomfort

"bald" follow-up

about the previous article "bald as it comes", a piece of beard is missing. Take advantage of the working day to secretly go to the hospital to see a doctor.

when I began to prepare to go to Huashan Puxi General Hospital, I pulled the journey back and forth for at least 2 hours. I thought it was a long way off. So Baidu saw that there was a Pudong branch, so it went to the fart.

when I entered the gate, I saw that "International Hospital" was marked at the bottom of the hospital, and I instantly understood that it was the smell of rice. There are only special needs and special needs experts in the outpatient clinic of this hospital. Hot weather do not want to go far, save some time, more expensive bar, at least the doctor's experience is enough to treat the effect.

it is true that the more you think about it, the more you think about it. The doctor didn't arrive until 2: 00 p.m., and the time for seeing a doctor is still very long. There is even a patient who has been seeing a doctor for half an hour. I was really impatient after two hours in the hall. I directly changed another doctor with fewer people. According to the nurse, this doctor is a professor. The medical skill is very good, and the price is also very good. It has increased from more than 200 to nearly 400 meters.

I said, "there was a sudden loss of beard about two weeks ago." the doctor directly diagnosed it as "alopecia areata". In the future, he may have alopecia areata or turn into vitiligo, but it exists. Then asked some age, nature of work, sleep and other regular information, and then took a picture of the next room, do not know what to see.

finally, I concluded that the doctor meant that there were two kinds of oral and topical medicine. topical medicine is too fierce for lips and skin, and it is easy to blacken the skin. I don't think this little bit of beard is worth taking orally. Finally, the doctor prescribed a bottle of "compound vitamin B tablets" to give priority to maintenance.

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