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Disney trip

Tuesday on June 23rd, 2020Life

Wanted to go to Disney when the New Year, but has not been able to achieve, this time riding fifty-one opportunity to travel to Shanghai, with a wife and kids to Disneyland with a friend.

The welcoming words really Disney entrance, which Disney had really a magical day, Pirates of the Caribbean "shipwreck of war", made a great scene, April 27, our experience of time, until you find the treasures, we must expand the most exciting fight, we were told that because of technical failure, we had to terminate today's experience, but in order to express our fast pass to compensation, the staff gave us a limited line per person (except: Dead Calm).

A few of us took the pass, to experience the "Thunder Mountain drifting", the effect is Bang Bang, dark, rotate, loud, just a few minutes, but we all feel cool.

The second day, which is April 28, surprisingly many people, we had thought, that's not to leave it, ahead of the arrival of the peak. Disney inside, really packed, line up everywhere, some popular items have other three for four hours, strength in numbers, but people are really terrible, so we did not intend to play much, but later found to play not bad, wait until after the final finish off "the seven Dwarfs mine car", we runnin 'leap horizon ", to experience a visual feast, let you enjoy incarnation into a bird flying in the beauty.

To be advertising, the overall design of Disney really good, worthy of his family and other children to experience together.

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